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A True Tribute to Labor

  • On: 10/22/2008 10:01:09
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  • As Americans nationwide celebrate Labor Day with their families, fire up their barbecues, and enjoy some much-needed down-time, Americans for Limited Government thought a fitting tribute would be to bring to your attention the potential of an executive order from the Bush administration that, according to the Wall Street Journal, “eliminate a union-preferred [card-check] method of labor organizing at large government contractors…”

    In other words, all federal contractors would be forced to utilize a secret ballot when workers vote on whether or not to organize a union.

    ALG News has previously reported to you on the dangers of coercion and intimidation involved in the so-called card-check system both nationally and in Hawaii. Democrats proposing these measures are doing so solely to enable unions to more “efficiently” be organized.

    And should the Bush administration move forward with this executive order, it will be opposed by labor bosses for the same reason: They do not want anyone to get in the way of their plans to use the card-check system to intimidate workers into organizing a union.

    For, that is precisely what card-check will result in: Intimidation. As the Journal reports:

    “It is easier for unions to get workers to sign cards because organizers can approach workers repeatedly, over a period of weeks or months, until the union garners enough support. Employers argue that the card system could lead to workers being pressured to sign by prounion colleagues. Unions counter that employers often unfairly pressure workers prior to elections.”

    One principle of democracy is the ability of individuals to vote their conscience free from any intimidation or coercion by those who a ballot question to go one way or another. It’s no different when the issue of whether to organize a union comes up.

    ALG News hopes that President Bush follows through with his executive order. Today. It would be fitting for him on Labor Day to stand up for workers’ rights nationwide and send a message that government will not do business with anyone who violates those rights.

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