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ALG News Update: Obama’s “Truth Squad” admits to intimidation in Missouri Troopergate Scandal

  • On: 10/23/2008 11:23:55
  • In: First Amendment

  • Exposed by ALG News and other media outlets nationwide, top law enforcement members of Barack Obama’s Missouri “Truth Squad” have now publicly admitted that they did, in fact, threaten to prosecute broadcasters and advertisers who aired ads critical of their candidate.

    Asked by a Worldnet Daily reporter if the group’s announcement suggested legal ramifications for anyone “crossing ethics laws in Missouri,” “Truth Squad” spokesperson Susan Ryan conceded, “It did suggest that …” Ms. Ryan then denied that the law enforcement group really intended to follow through with its publicly stated threat.

    Commenting on the threat and belated retraction, ALG News president Bill Wilson said, “The half-hearted denial is too little, too late. Those who issued the threat are powerful law enforcement officials. They know the chilling effect of their words. The Missouri Bar now needs to launch disbarment proceedings against all involved. And the U.S. attorney for the region needs to determine whether the broadcasters’ and advertisers civil rights have been violated.

    ”This is the real Troopergate Scandal, and it needs to fully exposed.”

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