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Breaking Hallowed Ground

  • On: 10/14/2008 12:48:26
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  • In the hallowed halls of Florida’s government institutions, the untouchable relic of the Federal ban on offshore drilling has had homage paid to it by legislator after legislator. But Governor Charlie Crist is leading a rebellion, refusing to bow the knee to the envirolobby any longer.

    It used to be that any public servant in Florida who spoke on offshore drilling spoke against it. Governor Charlie Crist, an outspoken advocate of environmental conservation, has suddenly shifted the tables in the drilling debate, by advocating offshore drilling.

    Democrats and Republicans who still stand beholden to the envirolobby are opposing the measure, arguing that it will do nothing to lower oil prices—which is exactly the same argument used against drilling in the past. Says House Speaker Marco Rubio (R): “At no time in the next six years are prices going to dramatically drop because we drill.”

    The only problem is that’s what they said a decade ago—when, if they had drilled, Americans would not be facing such high prices now. If they do not drill now, you can count on them saying the exact same thing a decade from now, when oil prices skyrocket to their next record-breaking level.

    Fortunately for Governor Crist, Floridians are increasingly likely to agree with him on this issue. As prices began to rise in 2006, a May poll showed 51 percent of Florida residents thought offshore drilling could be allowed. Now, with prices nearly a third higher than what they were then, the number in favor of drilling has increased by double-digits, to 61 percent.

    While Florida citizens are still concerned about the environmental and aesthetic impact of the offshore drilling, there is some comforting news regarding the safety of offshore drilling: It is actually the more environmentally-friendly than actually delivering it. By drilling offshore, the chances of an oil spill are greatly reduced—especially when compared to the possibility of transporting foreign oil via a foreign ship that has much lower environmental standards and must travel far greater distances.

    Offshore oil rigs accounted for only 1 percent of the total oil spilled into American waters during the 1990s. Oil ships accounted for 2 percent. Natural seepage underwater accounted for 60 percent. Surprisingly to many, drilling offshore is the more environmentally responsible route, because it is relatively safer and easier to deliver domestically.

    As Florida residents agree to allow more offshore drilling, it appears that some are listening. Joining Governor Crist in calling for offshore drilling are Senator Mel Martinez (R), a formerly staunch opponent of lifting the ban, and Congressman Connie Mack (R). Even House Speaker Rubio has admitted he would support offshore drilling done safely.

    Whether or not they will be able to remain strong enough to support removing the sacred relic of the Federal ban on offshore drilling from its hallowed ground without bowing again before the wrath of the envirolobby, however, remains to be seen.

    ALG Perspective: It’s about time that politicians woke up to the common sense solutions which can promote American interests! While one may be tempted to lament the fact that offshore drilling was not allowed a decade ago, when it may have made a difference, concerned citizens must look towards the future, when their actions will make a difference—for themselves, their children, and the rest of the nation!

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