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Cat Out of the Bag – the Real Goal of the “Climate Change” Zealots

  • On: 10/20/2008 10:26:58
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  • Once in blue moon, the truth comes out. Every so often those perpetrating a con or fraud slip up and let the cat out of the bag; they expose their real aim.

    Such a slip occurred today when Mike Lux, writing on the left-wing blog Open Left, proclaimed for all the world the real goal of the “climate change” radicals that have seemed to sprout everywhere like fungus after a storm. Mr. Lux is no casual “greenie,” he is a serious General of the Left. A former Clinton White House official, he now conducts the equivalent of political drive-by shootings of conservatives through massive robo call attacks.

    The theme of Lux’s piece was to take David Brooks to task for misreading history. Most of Lux’s points were correct and his historical perspective is much closer to the truth than those of the neo-conservative mouthpiece. But buried in the article, Lux admonishes Brooks for what Lux sees as a gross exclusion. Wrote Lux:

    “It was ridiculous that he (Brooks) didn’t mention climate change, since that is the most important long-term issue facing the entire earth and will require a complete restructuring of the economy.”

    And there you have it. The “complete restructuring of the economy” is the ultimate goal of the climatists. And who, pray tell, will decide how the entire economy of the world is to be restructured? Well, you have to suppose Mr. Lux and his fellow travelers think they should, of course.

    In this radical restructuring of every single person’s daily activity, where will such quaint concepts as property rights, individual liberty and national sovereignty fit in? We all know the answer to that too. They won’t. Because they don’t.

    There is no room for property rights in a system that deems all human activity harmful and dangerous. How can national sovereignty be allowed to stand in the way of the Great Leap Backwards? And, no individual will have the right to decide the most basic issues about their life when all human activity has to fit into the grand design.

    “Restructuring the economy” was the stated goal of the Marxists and every other tyrant in history. The Green Socialists of “climate change” are no different. As has been proven repeatedly over centuries of recorded history, those that seek to regulate always turn to force and violence as the ultimate expression of their goal.

    The Western world has been subjected to a withering propaganda blitz over the past decade. Everywhere you turn there is another pseudo-expert mouthing banalities or, in the case of Al Gore, outright fabrications, to justify the surrender of individual liberty for the sake of “climate change.” Remember, it used to be “global warming” before the data became overwhelming against the notion. So, the label had to be changed to keep the con-game going.

    Already we are getting a taste of the world these zealots want for us. Hundreds of thousands of Third World people, mostly children, are dead or on the verge of death as a result of the bio-fuels mandate. We hear serious discussions of “carbon allotments” that will become the new world currency—what good will money be if you are required to have “carbon credits” in order to eat, warm yourself in winter or get to a job?

    How many Gulags will have to be created for those who ignore the rules? How many oceans of blood will be spilt forcing people to alter their most basic ways of life? How many more Stalin’s or Pol Pot’s do we have to endure until the lie is fully exposed and debunked?

    These are not the questions Mr. Lux and the climatists want asked because the answers are self-evident. They would start to unravel the web of lies and the delusions surrounding their arguments. But I do agree with Lux on one point: So-called “climate change” is the most important issue facing the earth. I just don’t agree as to what that issue really means.

    He sees it as the wedge—the gun—to force the world into a centrally-planned, socialist economy with all the corresponding losses of freedom. I see it as the greatest threat to individual liberty yet devised by the twisted minds of the authoritarian species.

    The cat is out of the bag. The only question is whether the people will willingly sacrifice their liberty as it claws and gnaws its way to total supremacy.

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