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Day 12: Mr. Bush: Call This Congress Back

  • On: 10/21/2008 19:55:30
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  • “My duty as President requires that I use every means within my power to get the laws the people need on matters of such importance and urgency. I am therefore calling this Congress back into session July 26th.”—President Harry Truman, July 15, 1948.

    As Congress’ summer recess rolls endlessly on, many people are tuning in to what the Republicans have been doing on the floor of the House. A goodly number, led by Minority Leader John Boehner, have still not returned home. And it appears that the House GOP is finally coalescing around an issue that resonates with the American people: energy independence.

    Originally, President Bush stated that he would acquiesce to the members of congress to take their vacation in order for them to gather information on what the people want. Well, the people have spoken and it is overwhelmingly clear that they want Congress to go back to work to begin explore answers on how to solve the current energy crisis. As Senator Coburn (R-OK) put it, “The amount of mail we are getting on rising gas prices dwarfs what we got on immigration. They are all saying it is our fault!”

    So, the people are speaking, but the real question is who is listening? Whether flying off to the China Olympics or holing up with Vladimir Putin, the President surely doesn’t seem to be. And neither does the House Democratic leadership. The only two people that could call the House back into session are refusing to take action. And it’s time for Mr. Bush to exercise his constitutional prerogative to call the recalcitrant vacationers back into session.

    It is possible, of course, that the House GOP may only be trying to prolong its lonely vigil in order to draw continued attention and, therefore, would not want Mr. Bush to call everyone back. Perhaps it is the best political move that the GOP sees for ensuring success this November.

    But there is something more important at stake here then the next election. It’s the next generation, the one after that, and all that are to follow. The American people (not to mention Paris Hilton) are looking for their elected officials to take a strong stand now and start to work towards real solutions. In this case, the cost of doing nothing could be everything. And the President needs to make that abundantly clear to the rollicking, frolicking House leadership that has put their fun in the sun above the nation’s energy needs.

    Mr. Bush needs to reflect back on the summer of 1948 when Harry S. Truman stood up to the “Do-Nothing” 80th Congress and forced them to come back into session to get “the laws the people need” before the end of the month. Sixty years later, it’s time for George W. Bush to stand just as tall and tell the Do-Nothing 110th to “pass the laws the people need” for energy independence before the end of the session. To quote Mr. Truman, it’s “his duty as President.”


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