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Day 25: Maybe It’d be Better if the Democrats Just Stayed on Vacation

  • On: 10/21/2008 21:49:52
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment

  • While the Rebel Republicans in the House continue their historic protest of the August Congressional recess, and are busy promoting the American Energy Act that would help increase the energy supply and reduce prices, they have grabbed a lot of media attention. Less attention has been brought to what the House Democrats are up to this August. So, just what are they up to?

    Drafting legislation that will restrict the use of hydrocarbon fuels like oil, gasoline, and coal, make them more expensive, and destroy the national economy, as proposed by Rep. John Dingell (D-MI). His bill is yet another “cap-and-trade” proposal that will seek to “cap U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 60 to 80 percent by 2050 and set up a… trading program for companies to meet the cap.”

    In other words, in order to fight “man-made climate change,” Mr. Dingell—and Democrats in Congress—want to essentially decrease consumption of oil, gasoline and coal, which by definition is the only way to really decrease carbon emissions, by 60 to 80 percent. Is that even possible?

    The world population is currently about 6.69 billion, and by 2050 is projected to rise to some 8.73 billion; about a 23 percent increase. Global demand for fossil fuels is going to rise, not fall, over the next 42 years. And the long-term health of the global economy is dependent on meeting that demand for energy, as is the ability to feed those 8.73 billion mouths.

    Which of course means that the use and consumption of fossil fuels is only going to increase. Mr. Dingell’s unilateral energy freeze would put Big Government directly in the way of meeting market demand, while the rest of the world—including growing economic powers China, India, and Russia—will be able to continuing growing their respective economies.

    In short, his proposal would make America uncompetitive in the global marketplace, because there would be an artificial, collapsing ceiling on economic growth.

    Also, Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD) wants the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to “undertake [a] comprehensive analysis of the transitioning to a 4-day work week for all possible federal employees and inform me by August 31, of any additional actions Congress would need to take to implement such a policy by the end of fiscal year 2008.” According to Mr. Hoyer’s letter to the OPM:

    “In these times of high gasoline prices, I believe the federal government should do all it can to ensure that federal agencies and departments are appropriately reducing gasoline consumption. This goal can be accomplished with the adoption of personnel policies to limit unnecessary commuting.”

    Apparently, federal employees do not do any driving on their off-days. But, more seriously, is this the best they can do? Reduce the work week to reduce demand for gasoline? Is that their grand plan to bring sky-high energy prices under control?

    House Republican Leader John Boehner was quick to deride Mr. Hoyer’s proposal:

    “Today, Rep. Hoyer has finally given the American people a glimpse of the Majority’s long-promised energy plan: drive smaller cars, wait for the wind, and let bureaucrats work less. At a time when Democrats continue to block a vote on the House GOP’s ‘all of the above’ plan to lower gas prices by increasing production of American energy, promoting more conservation and efficiency, and encouraging the use of more alternative and renewable fuels, to propose a shorter work week for Washington bureaucrats is an insult to American workers and their families struggling with high gas prices.

    “The American people support more American energy to bring down the price at the pump, and this latest proposal from the out-of-touch Democratic leadership is just added proof of how far Democrats are willing to go to continue defying their will. House Republicans will continue our nationwide gas prices protest – from the House floor to communities across the nation – to hold Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Hoyer, and their Democratic counterparts accountable for their refusal to allow a vote on a meaningful energy plan to lower gas prices. It’s time for Democratic leaders to stop offering their hollow ‘no energy’ proposals and allow a vote on the House Republicans’ ‘all of the above’ American Energy Act.”

    Mr. Boehner is correct. The Democrats are very much “out-of-touch”. Instead of trying to increase energy supplies, their goal instead is to destroy demand by annihilating the economy.

    On second thought, maybe it would be better if the Congressional majority stayed on vacation. If they have their way, prices will go up, not down.

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