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Day 50: Victory is Near

  • On: 10/22/2008 15:22:46
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  • With the scheduled October 1st expiration of the offshore drilling moratorium looming closer by the day, Americans for Limited Government has received authoritative information suggesting that victory may be in sight.

    Top Capitol Hill sources informed ALG News Bureau yesterday that the Democrats are backing off any attempts to reauthorize the moratorium on drilling. The Democrats’ ongoing threats to renew the ban on offshore drilling no longer seem to be in play, sources say.

    October 1st may very well mark the first American Energy Freedom Day.

    It seems that Senate Democrats have recognized that any attempts on their behalf to renew the offshore ban would be subsequently met with a resounding filibuster from the Republicans. As ALG News Bureau covered earlier this week, the recent addition of Senators Corker and Kyl indicates the likelihood that Republicans will successfully garner the 41 votes needed to execute such a filibuster.

    Not wanting to risk the embarrassment of being overpowered by the minority party, it is understandable that Democrats would retreat from their anti-drilling agenda at this time and let the moratorium expire.

    Nevertheless, to claim victory for the energy independence movement would be undoubtedly premature. After all, the biggest wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, the Gang of 20’s bi-partisan “compromise” energy plan, has yet to be dealt with.

    This energy plan, sponsored by 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans, is a deceptively crafted proposal that would be a step backwards for the energy independence movement. As ALG News Bureau has outlined, this plan severely limits what offshore sites could be drilled, continues the ban on ANWR drilling, calls for heavy government subsidies for alternative energy sources, and would impose heavy tax hikes on the oil industry.

    The country would be better served if Congress were to simply let the moratorium expire on October 1st rather than enacting this legislation.

    Americans need to see the Gang of 20’s energy plan for what it really is—a ploy on behalf of Democrats to save their tarnished reputation on drilling. The only crisis this plan would alleviate is the PR crisis within the Democrat party.

    America needs a comprehensive energy plan that doesn’t disdainfully neglect drilling. The ten Republican Senators currently signed on to the Gang of 20—Corker (Tenn.), Chambliss (Ga.), Isakson (Ga.), Graham (S.C.), Coleman (Minn.), Sununu (N.H.), Thune (S.D.), Warner (Va.), Dole (N.C.), and Collins (Maine)—need to realize that their membership in the so-called gang is hurting the energy independence cause and Americans across the country.

    Republicans are on the verge of victory with regard to the energy issue. The GOP has the upper hand and any efforts on behalf of the so-called Gang of 20 proposal could seriously derail this imminent victory.

    The movement for energy independence cannot acquiesce in this final hour.

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