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Day 53: Senator McCain Might Acquiesce on ANWR

  • On: 10/22/2008 15:26:58
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  • Despite Congressional Democrats’ unwaveringly obdurate stance regarding energy independence, sources reveal that one drilling-hesitant Senator might be willing to adjust his views on the issue. And it just so happens that this particular Senator could be the next President of the United States.

    According to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Senator John McCain might be willing to support drilling efforts in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The article cites Alaska’s congressional delegation which stands convinced that under a McCain presidency, a bill opening ANWR to oil and gas development would indeed be signed into law.

    Having remained stubborn in regards to maintaining the ban on drilling in the region, this would mark a significant change in the Arizona Senator’s energy policies.

    Senator Lisa Murkowski, who was among the group of Alaska politicians speaking with the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce annual convention last week, had the following to say regarding Senator McCain and other ANWR-defiant leaders:

    “We have seen this shift in public opinion on ANWR, and I think it has been dramatic…In states where we have members who have opposed ANWR, they’re looking at those numbers. Their constituents are now saying we believe that you can explore and produce responsibly in ANWR, and we think Congress should move to open it up.”

    Murkowski also noted that an Obama presidency would veto any ANWR drilling bills and therefore be a step backwards for energy independence.

    Moreover, with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on the ticket, it appears all the more likely that the Alaska Congressional delegation is accurate in their claims regarding Senator McCain and his likely acquiescence on drilling in ANWR. As ALG News Bureau has outlined before, Governor Palin has demonstrated a heightened understanding of energy issues, especially those in regard to her home state and ANWR in particular. She will be an energy asset to the American people in a McCain presidency.

    Although lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling and passing sweeping legislation to tap into these offshore resources would be a massive victory for the energy independence movement, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Opening up ANWR to drilling, as well as the oil shale laden regions of the Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, is just as important.

    Congressional Democrats’ refusal to drill in ANWR is completely unfounded. Of the entire region, a mere 2,000 acres would be drilled—an area one quarter the size of Dulles Airport. The oil would also help Americans wean themselves off of foreign oil as the country begins to explore realistic alternative sources of fuel.

    With the energy crisis among the nation’s top concerns right now, it is reassuring that at least one of the presidential candidates might be willing to do the right thing on drilling.

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