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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measuresand How Desperate They Are

  • On: 10/22/2008 15:22:10
  • In: Hard Left
  • If the politically tainted efforts on behalf of Hollis French and his pro-Obama Alaskan cohorts to destroy Sarah Palin aren’t nefarious enough, now the privacy of the Governor’s own inbox has been breached.

    Like the Watergate of the digital age, a hacker or group of hackers recently managed to break into Governor Palin’s yahoo email account in a last-ditch effort to dig up skeletons from her electronic closet. Screenshots of the emails were then posted on internet message boards and liberal blogs for the scandal-hungry vultures of the left to devour.

    Much to the dismay of Palin detractors everywhere, however, the hackers’ cowardly attempts yielded nothing of substance.

    In an attempt to uncover some kind of nasty incriminating secret regarding Governor Palin, the left has merely revealed a dastardly secret of their own—they are desperate. In fact, these efforts reek of 11th hour desperation.

    Although there is no evidence to suggest the Obama campaign is behind “Hackergate”, Senator Obama has yet to publicly condemn the email trespassers to our knowledge. He likewise has not condemned the frantic and frenzied Hollis French’s “Palin Witch Trials” in Alaska.

    It seems that Barack Obama is content with letting his proxies and surrogates do the mud-slinging and dirt-digging for him. Meanwhile, the Illinois Senator can parade around the country with clean hands condemning Senator McCain for running “the sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern presidential campaign history.”

    As the McCain campaign responded to the “Hackergate” incident:

    “This is a shocking invasion of the governor’s privacy and a violation of law. The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities and we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them.”

    Unfortunately for the McCain campaign and all those who favor journalistic accountability, the Associated Press has defiantly refused to comply when asked by the Secret Service to hand over copies of the leaked emails. Why they won’t cooperate with the Secret Service is a mystery.

    What is not a mystery, however, is that these latest developments, from “Hackergate” to Hollis French’s corrupt Palin investigation to the AP’s rejection of the Secret Service request serve as further indications of the underlying criminality swirling around the pro-Obama movement. This overt criminality isn’t even new for the Obamaniacs.

    Consider ACORN, for example. ACORN, the nation’s largest community organization for low- and moderate-income families, has come under fire time and time again for issuing fraudulent and duplicate voter registration applications. Most recently they have come under investigation for voter fraud in Ohio, Colorado, Missouri and Washington. National Review contributor Stanley Kurtz refers to ACORN as, “the largest radical group in America,” bigger even than Code Pink or yet operating under a much lower profile.

    What makes this low-profile radical group exceptionally troubling is the fact that they are significantly vested in the Obama campaign—and vice versa. In fact, Obama’s ties to ACORN and their leftwing agenda should be of particular concern to any voter who favors accountability from their elected officials.

    The mainstream media, like always, is covering for Senator Obama over issues like ACORN and “Hackergate” and it would be foolish to assume they’ll ever do otherwise.

    Nevertheless, this recent trend of criminal and borderline criminal activity reveals the desperate nature of an Obama campaign on the defensive. Their tactics are getting more and more extreme and their efforts riskier by the day.

    Destroying Sarah Palin is one of their last-ditch attempts to salvage what’s left of their already vacuous and struggling campaign.

    Although the Governor Palin’s email hacker or hackers will likely be caught and Hollis French’s investigation will hopefully be revealed for the scam it is, one can assume that the Obama campaign will still emerge untarnished in the eyes of the TV cameras.

    Hopefully the American people will wake up and realize the utter desperation of the Obama campaign in their cowardly efforts to trash Governor Palin. After all, Palin has nothing to hide while the Obama campaign has everything to hide.

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