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10.01.2008 0

Manion: Murphy Ditches Debate for Zucchini Race

  • On: 10/20/2008 13:54:40
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  • ALG Editor’s Note: Note to candidates for public office: When you say you’re going to debate your opponent on the number one issue facing the nation, don’t go play with zucchinis, as Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA) recently did (hat-tip to

    Manion: Murphy Ditches Debate for Zucchini Race

    By Steven from

    Congressional newbie Democrat Patrick Murphy has ditched a proposed Energy debate with Republican challenger Tom Manion in favor of judging a Zucchini Decorating and Racing contest at a local farmer’s market.

    The Manion campaign responds:

    “I’ve got nothing against zucchini,” said Congressional candidate Tom Manion. “But I think there are more pressing issues facing our country right now. Last week I challenged Congressman Murphy to a debate on the topic of energy. It seems he is unable to debate, because he will be judging the zucchini races at a local farm market instead.”*

    “The Democratic leadership turned out the lights on the debate on energy, and went home for vacation,” said Mr. Manion.

    “Everyone here at home is struggling. There are steps that can be taken, but when legislation is blocked from coming to a vote, nothing can get done. The least we can do for our community is to continue to discuss the issues while we wait for Congress to re-convene.”

    Congressman Murphy has voted against increasing domestic oil supply seven times since taking office. He’s also voted against lowering or stabilizing the price of gas four times, and against thirteen other energy relief measures.

    “It’s time to stop voting no, and to stop playing party politics. It’s time to put all options on the table, and zucchinis aren’t going to lower the price of gas,” said Mr. Manion.

    They won’t? Not even if they’re properly inflated?

    Having trouble paying for oil and gas, Bucks County? Murphy says “Let Them Eat Zucchini!”

    In any event, Li’l Pat’s zucchini appearance seems to be something quite exciting to his sycophants on the left.

    Murphy was mistakenly elected in the November 2006 election, when he lost Bucks County, but won narrowly in the 8th Congressional District’s tack-on precincts in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties.

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