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Oh, That Sun?

  • On: 10/23/2008 11:51:28
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  • “The answer is out there, Neo, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.”
    Trinity, The Matrix

    According to a growing number of scientists willing to buck the status quo, the answer on global warming is out there and it will find you if you want it to.

    The answer that more and more scientists are discovering is that climate change on earth may not be caused by a tiny earth-bound species of primates after all. In fact, the earth’s temperature may have everything to do with the sun—you know, that gargantuan burning ball of hydrogen and helium that’s 332,946 times more massive than earth, has a surface temperature of 5,780 K, burns unceasingly in the center of our solar system and accounts for 99.8 percent of our solar system’s mass?

    Yeah, that sun.

    Oddly enough, it turns out that the sun has an impact on our planet’s temperature. Stunning, isn’t it?

    An article published recently in the Canada Free Press articulates one way in which the sun—and not man—has had an impact on climate volatility. As the article explains:

    “A Canadian scientist says the largest known hole in the ozone will occur over the South Pole in the next week. If that happens, it will help us understand global warming.

    “Dr. Qing-Bin Lu, of Canada’s University of Waterloo, says NASA satellites and laboratory measurements show cosmic rays are the real cause of the seasonal hole in the earth’s ozone layer over the Antarctic…

    “However, if Dr. Qing-Bin Lu and others are correct, they [cosmic rays] are connected to climate change…

    “‘This finding, combined with laboratory measurements, provides strong evidence of the role of cosmic-ray-driven reactions in causing the ozone hole, and resolves the mystery of why a large discrepancy between the sunlight-related photochemical model and the observed ozone depletion exists,’ says Lu…”

    The article goes on to conclude that:

    “If the South Pole gets an ozone-hole maximum in the coming weeks, it will strengthen the case for cosmic rays, and endorse a Modern Warming driven by solar variations rather than human-emitted CO2…

    “The case for a solar-driven climate is also strengthened by a drop in global temperatures over the past 18 months: The temperature decline had been forecast by the sunspot index since 2000, but was not predicted by the global climate models.

    This report echoes the same conclusion that 31,000 other scientists have reached: global warming and planetary climate change is not caused by man but is actually due to the natural warming and cooling cycles undergone by the earth and influenced by the sun. The faulty computer models can hide the truth no longer.

    So what are the policy implications given this newfound scientific bombshell? You might want to sit down for this…

    For starters, it would mean the defenestration of countless sham environmental laws and policies. You can forget carbon caps, carbon credits, carbon auctions, carbon taxes and carbon footprints. Bill after bill of debilitating environmental legislation aimed to cripple businesses, energy companies and developers would have to be scrapped. Burdensome “Global warming taxes” would be lifted and shame-inducing “Global warming score” stickers could be scraped off of your Chevy Tahoe.

    Prioritizing around “saving the planet” and reducing “manmade global warming” would no longer be considered legitimate. Rather than wasting time, money and dignity trying to egotistically dictate the fate of our entire planet, our narcissistic politicians and leaders could get back to issues of real concern, such as fighting global starvation, stopping terrorism, ending US dependence on middle eastern oil, preventing nuclear proliferation and ending government oppression.

    Academia would also undergo a significant—and much needed—change we can believe in. In brief, a great weight of indoctrination would be lifted from our children. No longer would the public school classroom be a brainwashing facility engineered to teach our children that trees are people too. The chapter on manmade climate change would be ripped from scientific textbooks and the anti-global warming polar bear posters torn from the walls. Rather than painting capitalists, big businesses, large corporations and energy companies as selfish demons bent on destroying our planet, maybe children could learn their true role in keeping the strong American economic engine running.

    And maybe then the anti-religious and anti-American historical indoctrination could be dealt with—but don’t get your hopes up.

    Believe it or not, with a refocusing of academic priorities, genuine education might actually ensue. Perhaps then more than a mere 67 percent of Americans would be able to find Louisiana on a map.

    Al Gore would also be significantly embarrassed by this particularly inconvenient truth. His Nobel Prize might even be taken away—if only we were so lucky.

    So to those scientists willing to take a stand on the climate change debate, we salute you. It’s never easy or popular to go against the massively mistaken status-quo—especially when that status quo dictates so much social, academic, and political discourse in the world.

    Truth always has a way of wriggling out of the debris of falsehood. Although the radical left and global warming alarmists have framed the climate debate for the last several decades and successfully deceived an entire generation of Americans, truth is, indeed, resurging.

    The truth is out there. You just have to be willing to find it.

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