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School Choice on the Rise

  • On: 10/08/2008 13:43:06
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  • There is a nationwide movement stirring that gives parents more of a choice over where to send their children to school, and if recent developments are any indication, this trend is growing.

    According to the Evening Bulletin, under a bill signed last week by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, a Republican, married couples would be allowed a $2,500 tax credit to donate to private school student scholarship organizations. Individuals and corporations are allotted tax credits as well.

    These scholarship organizations set up in HB 1133 are set to give out $50 million of merit-based scholarships to private schools to students across the State without any demographic restrictions such as income or race.

    The legislation was hailed by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice:

    “‘The old idea of limiting school choice based on family income is coming to an end,’ said Robert Enlow, executive director of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.

    “‘States are increasingly adopting Milton Friedman’s vision of school choice for all, not just for some. The argument that freedom is only good for some students just doesn’t make it anymore.’”

    With the new law, Georgia joins nearly half of all States that have enacted school choice programs:

    “With the new Georgia program, there are now 23 school choice programs in 14 states plus the District of Columbia. Two-thirds of these programs (15) have no family income restrictions for eligibility – nine have no demographic restrictions at all, and six are restricted only in that they serve disabled or foster-care students.”

    And in doing so, parents in Georgia are sending a clear message that they do not agree with the monopoly that public schools have on education in over half of the nation. They want a choice for their children. And they deserve it.

    ALG Perspective: Americans for Limited Government would like to praise Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue and the Georgia legislature for enacting this important school choice tax-credit program. The monopoly power of the States over education is coming to an end, and a new era of education choices is emerging, with parents and students the biggest winners

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