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Team Obama Playing the Race Card

  • On: 10/22/2008 15:11:46
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  • First it was the implied threat; if Obama loses there could be trouble, alienation, withdrawal from civil society by African-Americans. Now the other shoe has dropped – if Obama loses it will be for one reason only, racism.

    CNN’s Jack Cafferty “reports” on a piece in Time magazine where Michael Grunwald asserts that Obama would be elected already were it not for his race. Kansas Governor Sebelius goes further. She is saying it is direct racism that will defeat Obama. It is easy to understand a politician beholden to Obama parroting his line. But why CNN would report on another so-called journalist’s opinion is a bit hard to fathom.

    All of this is pure propaganda. It is designed, like last weeks blitz of pieces on “what if Obama loses”, to stir feelings of resentment and discord while hoping to provoke some action or statement that would further enhance their line of attack. The Grunwald assertion is just raw slur.

    Let’s face the facts here. Barrack Obama has few qualifications for office. He defeated Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination by tactics, not experience, knowledge or skill. Winning the nomination by blitzing the delegates in GOP strongholds like Idaho and North Dakota hardly makes this guy qualified to run anything.

    Secondly, he is by far the most radical, left-wing politician to seek the Presidency since Gus Hall. People sense this. His flowery words and soft smile cannot hide his dealings with a whole lot of unsavory people. Whether they are criminals like Rezko or terrorists like Ayers, or blatant anti-American zealots like Rev. Wright, Obama has a knack for associating with people most Americans find distasteful and dangerous.

    And third, the story is getting out. Obama needs a diversion and what better way to distract people than to yell “racists.” In just the last few days we have seen efforts to hide his close ties to failed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, false claims of writing the stimulus package that even his allies in Congress would not validate, and an amateurish stab at foreign affairs in Iraq that could cost American soldiers their lives. Yes Barrack, people notice.

    So can Obama divert enough voters from his lack of experience and failed policy attempts by screaming “racism”, the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater? Time will tell. But if he can, his ploy will do more damage to America than can be calculated.

    Are reporters and media outlets running these stories on their own or is there a wink and a nod from the Obama camp? It seems pretty clear at this point that nothing as pervasive and penetrating as the stories have been would have just happened. This has been a subtext of the Obama effort from the beginning. It was obvious that playing the race card was a primary weapon in the Obama arsenal when his minions accursed former President Bill Clinton of racist remarks. That was akin to saying water is dry – just doesn’t make any sense.

    But they got away with it. And the same pattern may hold again. A scurrilous charge of racism is made, followed by a few days to let it sink in. Then Obama proclaims that it is not his intent to use such language, he intends to be post-racial politics, etc. He has done it over and over again. Of course, the charge sticks while he tries to pick up points with voters by “being above it all.”

    Yes, it is cynical. But it is also narcissistic as well. To employ such a tactic means Obama is placing himself and his wants and desires ahead of the country. The damage done to relations between the races is of no concern. The resentment, on both sides, that is engendered of no consequence. Anything that aids in the attainment of his goal is good and anything that doesn’t is at best irrelevant. Good Marxist tactics.

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