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The most unethical man in Alaska

  • On: 10/22/2008 14:04:44
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  • Forget Sarah Palin. When Democrat State Senator Hollis French goes for the kill, mere governors are just a warm-up. His real target is the entire state – all of whose residents, the blatantly unethical Obama state “Team Leader” insists, are just too stupid and unsophisticated even to consider being in the Oval Office.

    Here’s the Team Leader/Hit Man’s take on his own fellow Alaskans (and Sarah Palin) in his own fetid words:

    “At a certain level this isn’t particular to the Governor, I just don’t know who you’d find in Alaska that would be ready to be President. The stage that we operate on doesn’t prepare you for that stage—you could get there, but I think you’d need more schooling, more work, more time.

    “It’s a bad choice for McCain. You really have to set aside the sort of pro-Alaska feelings and put your pro-nation hat on. And at this time, in this world, with the issues that confront America, is Sarah Palin ready to be President? No, they’re wrong. And it really says bad things about McCain’s judgment. It says he’s a shoot-from-the-hip kind of guy, which is nice in a few settings but bad in this kind of setting.”

    So much for loyalty. So much for good judgment. So much for intellectual honesty and plain, simple ethics.

    Here’s idea for you, Mr. French: If you think everyone around you (and I do mean everyone – Frenchie eliminated the whole state of Alaska in one fell swoop) is so uneducated and obtuse that you need to denigrate them in front of the entire world, wouldn’t the ethical thing be to resign your Senate seat and stop putting those poor, dumb bumpkins under your onerous thumb?

    Let’s lay it on the line here: Hollis French is as unethical as the day is long. And for the Alaska Democrats to put anyone’s fate – including Sarah Palin’s – at his demented disposal is as patently shameful as it is sinfully wrong. Let’s look at the Hollis French record:

    • This is a man so blatantly unethical that he sided with the major oil companies who tried to scuttle the natural gas pipe line Gov. Palin pushed through. And he then joined the Obama campaign praising the Democrat candidate because he “supports the construction of an Alaska natural gas pipeline.”

    • This is a man so blatantly unethical that in August of 2008, he told the press that Gov. Palin is cooperating fully with his investigation, that there is no need for subpoenas. Then, once she joined the Republican ticket and became a threat to Barack Obama, this Obama team member suddenly declared that she is using “stalling tactics” to prevent him from releasing his report.

    • This is a man so blatantly unethical that, while posturing as an “impartial” investigator, he refused the Palin defense team’s request for witness statements and documentary evidence, claiming, “I am aware of no precedence for any such arrangements.” Then, when presented with laws dictating such disclosure under Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure, he still continues to stonewall the defense.

    • This is a man so blatantly unethical that he first feigns acceptance of the Alaska legislature’s instruction that the investigation be “professional, unbiased, independent, and objective.” And then, on September 2, he brags to ABCnews.com that he has an “October Surprise” in store for Sarah Palin that will “be damaging to the administration” He adds, “If they [the McCain campaign] had done their job properly, they never would have picked her.”

    • This is a man so blatantly unethical that he promises the Alaska legislature that the investigation of Sarah Palin will be “at arms length from the political process.” And then, once he had seized the reins of power declared that it is actually “a preliminary step prior to any efforts to impeach the governor.”

    • And this is a man so blatantly unethical that he told Agence France Presse of his committee’s independent counsel, Stephen Branchflower: “He is doing that independent of me and everybody else. That’s why we hired him.” And yet, in a letter to Palin’s legal counsel, French proclaims to the contrary: “Your letter also requests a copy of all witness statements Mr. Branchflower has secured. I have instructed him to not comply with that request…Likewise, I have instructed Mr. Branchflower to adhere to the witness interview schedule that he has worked assidiously to set up.”


    The jury may be out when it comes to Sarah Palin. But, it’s in when it comes to Hollis French. The man who thinks that Alaskans are all too out of touch with the real world to even consider running for President apparently thinks the nation’s media are too in-the-bag with the Obama campaign to tell the truth about Hollis French.

    Now, we shall see.

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