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Wearing the Inside Out

  • On: 10/29/2008 10:12:12
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  • ALG Editor’s Note: Meet John Doe is where we feature you, our esteemed readers, who took the time to contribute your salient thoughts to ALG News on the issues of the day. In the following featured letter, Jim D. of Colorado has a message for Senator John McCain (R-AZ)—and some new terminology that better fits economic analysis:

    Dear Editor,

    I have a message for John McCain. Perhaps your Action Report can help get it out. Obama keeps saying McCain wants to grow the economy from the top down and he/Obama wants to grow it from the bottom up. I believe that message is incorrect. In fact, it demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the economy that McCain can exploit, because as you and I know, an economy is both top down and bottom up—it has to be.

    Better dimensions for this situation are Inside Out and Outside In. McCain wants to allow the economy to grow organically – from the Inside Out. Obama wants to impose governmental and legislative will on the economy—Outside In. This message can be conveyed concisely, maybe even dramatically. Perhaps you’d even like to use it—feel free. Thanks!

    —Jim D., CO

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