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Weed the Garden

  • On: 10/24/2008 12:49:30
  • In: Hard Left
  • By Bill Wilson

    Any gardener can tell you that if you leave even one weed it will spread and eventually consume the plot. Ignored, the pest will come to dominate the garden killing all the vegetables, fruits and flowers.

    This simple, ancient truth is one we have refused to learn in America. The weeds of radical leftist socialism have been allowed to grow and spread and now threaten the very life of our Republic. It didn’t have to be. It was a decision made by our leaders, pandering to the “cultural elites” and segments of our national establishment who were themselves part of the problem.

    Consider a little history. When FDR chose socialist Henry Wallace as his Vice President, many inside the Democratic Party knew he had an agenda that was as radical and as dangerous to America as anything dreamed up by our enemies. Wallace was so far outside the accepted traditions of America that Roosevelt replaced him in 1944 with Harry Truman. But for generations socialist apologists insisted Wallace had been treated badly and was only knocked off by an evil plot. They refused to accept that facts that Wallace was more aligned with enemy agents than he was with the interests of the United States.

    But, we accepted the propaganda and went forward. Then, there was the case of the Rosenbergs. These were spies who handed the Soviet Union the secrets to the nuclear bomb. They were caught and punished as all spies should be punished, with their lives. But for decades the liberal left has insisted they were innocent and that a great injustice had been done. Of course, when the Soviet Union fell and the world gained access to KGB files we learned that the Rosenbergs were in fact spies for our enemies and they had gotten exactly what they deserved.

    Still no repentance. No acknowledgment. And no punishment or recriminations toward the horde of liberals in the media and academia and government who defended the spies and traitors. We just let bygones be bygones, as a nation we made the decision to just ignore the fact that there was a well organized group of people in key positions who worked night and day to undercut the foundations of our nation.

    The weeds were allowed to remain in the garden. Yes, every now and again a patriot would expose a particularly ugly and noxious example. But the virus was allowed to remain. And it grew.

    Today we have yet another example of this suicidal policy. Bill Ayers is a terrorist. He bombed America. He led others to kill. He hates America and is proud of it. When America was attacked on 9/11, he blamed America while wishing he had done more treason in his youth!

    Any rational, civilized nation would hunt this guy down and give him his well deserved reward. But instead, over 3,200 members of our elite – college professors and others in the gleaming ivory towers – have actually signed a petition in support of him. And what will we do? We will send our sons and daughters off to be “instructed” by these fellow-travlers of Mr. Ayers. We will willingly let our children be taught in public schools by people instructed and certified by these Quislings.

    And there will be no price to pay. People who openly support and give comfort to an avowed enemy of all that is America will be treated as if nothing has been said or done. They will continue to receive their tenure. They will travel on our dime to conferences and gatherings of fellow leftists. They will be given awards, and testimonials and be quoted by their cronies in the media as impartial “experts.” Like weeds in the garden, they will be allowed to choke the life out of our nation.

    It is a sign of just how far down the path we have gone that these people openly sign a statement of support for an anti-American terrorist. They have no fear. The first step to restoring the American Republic is to give them some.

    Alumni should look to see if any of these people “teach” at their school. If so, perhaps their funds can be used in better places. As our young people go off to college, we as parents should look not at the football team of the school but at the faculty. If even one of the signers of the pro-Ayers petition is at the school, they should look for another one. You protect your children from all sorts of dangers. This is one that should be at the top of the list.

    And as committed patriots regain their footing and begin the long march back, we should always remember these people and those who defend them. Going forward, there needs to be a commitment to weed the garden thoroughly.

    Bill Wilson is the president of Americans for Limited Government.

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