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What is the #1 Threat to America?

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  • By Duane Lester • Jun 29th, 2008

    What is the chief threat to the American way of life? What is there that could possibly destroy over 200 years of history, could change the mindset of the American, could bring the strongest country in the world to its knees?

    Is it Islamic terrorism? There are so many groups out there now, killing in the name of Islam. Chief among them is Al-Qaeda, who has succeeded in attacking the United States on many different occasions. Aside from Al-Qaeda, there is Hamas, Hezbollah and others almost too numerous to mention. Are these organizations the number one threat to America?

    On their best day, they have killed thousands, only to unify the country against them. If they ever acquired a nuclear weapon, I do not doubt they would use it. They would happily destroy any major United States city in one fell blow. But that would not destroy America.

    Every time they hit us, we hit them back, harder than they expected. And while they can kill thousands of our countrymen, they cannot kill our country. Islamic terrorism is a grave threat that needs addressed, but it is not the number one threat to America.

    Is it China? The giant country is growing in military power and has so many spies working against the United States, some have claim it to be the biggest threat to America. But in a toe-to-toe, knock down drag out fight, the United States could soundly defeat China.

    The left would have us believe that global warming is the issue of our generation. They have one doomsday scenario after another, describing the effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are told that already the world’s most important crops are suffering because of the increased heat, and if we don’t stop belching tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the glaciers will melt and our coastlines will flood. Yet those who preach the life of sacrifice for Mother Earth live in ways that consume more energy than you and I do in years, and are making millions off of the greatest scam in history.

    There are other threats brought up each day. The bird flu is going to kill us any day now, and SARS is without a doubt going to cause world wide chaos. Blowhard Hugo Chavez is clamoring about cutting off our oil supply from Venezuela and for some reason Russia keeps sending bombers over our air craft carriers. By themselves each is a threat, but they are not the biggest threat to America.

    If it is none of the above, what is left?


    Americans are finding it easier and easier to turn to the government for support. Home-owners who bought into loans bigger than they afford look to the government, and the government responses with a $300 billion bail out that “more than half of the Senate favors” and some are saying is already too small.

    The Congress also passed a $300 billion dollar Farm Bill, which funded $200 billion worth of “domestic nutrition programs, aka food stamps, over ten years. Meanwhile, Americans donated over $300 billion to charity. In one year. The left, aka the socialists, continue to clamor for government run health care. The Canadians have have a program like this, which Michael Moore touted in his crockumentary “Sicko.” The architect of that program recently said it is a failure. Unaffected by the facts in Canada, and a worse situation in Great Britain, the liberals demand equality in heath care, i.e. equally poor treatment for everyone.

    Both candidates for president this election are calling for a cap and trade plan, which is nothing less than socialism in action. The whole system depends on taxing the most industrious, most successful organizations and turning the money over to companies that are not as big. McCain and Obama both feel this income redistribution is a good solution for the climate crisis, leading one to believe that they would not hesitate to join the Kyoto Protocol.

    From the baby steps taken by FDR, to the giant leaps made by LBJ, the population of American continues to march down the road to serfdom. Every day we spend more money that we do not have, teaching every generation more dependence on a government once limited, but now limitless. Every issue that Americans face is grounds for a new government program.

    This country isn’t great because of government programs. It was built because of individual Americans who were free to achieve whatever they felt without the government limiting their success through fines, fees and taxes. It is great because people were not taught to feel guilt for their success, but to be admired because of them. It is great because of the government’s lack of presence in each American’s life. These ideas are being smothered today by a government that is more focused on preserving and expanding its power than it is in respecting the Constitution.

    Americans can take care of themselves, and they will take care of each other. As noted above, we gave $300 billion in charity last year, on top of all the taxes we paid. Given the opportunity, the private sector would perform all the programs the government currently performs, just better.

    However, we are not given that choice, and it is that willing surrender of property that foreshadows our demise. The continuing growth of the government, combined with the continuing dependence of the people is the one thing that could destroy America.

    It is America’s greatest threat.

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