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In Remembrance of Michael Crichton: a Fearless Defender of Truth

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  • By William Warren

    With Big Government bringing in huge wins on Tuesday coupled with the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi euphorically gloating on national television, I, along with countless others, certainly thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse.

    I was promptly proven wrong upon hearing the news yesterday afternoon that one of America’s most esteemed authors—and my personal favorite—had passed away.

    Michael Crichton, writer of numerous bestselling books including “Jurassic Park,” “State of Fear,” and “The Andromeda Strain,” died late Tuesday night after wielding an intense—and intensely private—battle with cancer. In addition to his wildly popular sci-fi novels (many of which made it to the big screen), Crichton was also revered for his medical non-fiction and the long-running medical TV series “ER.”

    And although his unexpected death leaves a vacuous chasm in the world of modern literature, more missed than his writing will be Crichton’s steadfast and unyielding dedication to the truth.

    In 2004, Michael Crichton put his career and reputation on the line to publish “State of Fear,” his newest in a long line of scientifically reinforced fiction thrillers. What set apart this book, however, was the underlying premise and overall message.

    In “State of Fear” Michael Crichton dared to take a skeptical look at Global Warming and the environmentalist agenda. Crichton, who always preceded the writing process with countless hours of research, understood that in doing so he was challenging the status quo in all of its green glory.

    And challenge it he did.

    Not only did Michael Crichton approach the topic of Global Warming with skepticism, but he also concluded that the entire chimera was trumped up and was nothing more than rampant alarmism. Using the novel as a vehicle, he argued that Americans were being deliberately kept in a state of fear based on faulty and unproven preconditions surrounding Global Warming.

    As he said:

    “I have a lot of trouble with things that don’t seem true to me. I’m very uncomfortable just accepting. There’s something in me that wants to pound the table and say, ‘That’s not true.'”

    In interviews he even went as far as labeling environmentalism as a “religion”—something we here at ALG News have certainly made the case for.

    Expectedly, Michael Crichton was crucified by environmentalist scientists, liberals and the media for daring to don a critical eye. He was demonized and mocked by the so-called “open-minded” left for being, well, open-minded.

    Nevertheless, Crichton stood firm for the truth as he saw it, never backing down in interviews and never acquiescing to the overbearing. And, despite the onslaught, “State of Fear” still achieved New York Times Bestseller status—much to the liberals’ dismay.

    With his passing, the world has lost a bold champion of the truth, a genuine scientist, and unmatched entertainer.

    The world needs more individuals like Michael Crichton who are willing to make the truth—no matter how unpopular—their top priority. Hopefully his memory will inspire others to fearlessly follow suit, pounding the table and boldly saying, “That’s not true.”

    William Warren is a contributing editor of ALG News Bureau.

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