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Bigotry Uber Alles

  • On: 01/27/2009 10:16:48
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  • By Carter Clews

    *ALG Editor’s Note: Robert Reich was the Labor Secretary under the Clinton Administration, not the Treasury Secretary.

    Robert Reich – henceforth better known as the man who put the “Reich” back in “Reichsfuhrer” – has unburdened himself of the dictate that not one thin dime of President Obama’s new $825 billion “stimulus” package fall into the hands of skilled workers or qualified white folks. So, “Achtung” America!

    No, you can’t make this stuff up. I wish you could – then I’d simply tell you I was just funnin’ and we could all get on to more serious matters. But, unfortunately, this is a serious matter. In fact, it’s a very serious matter – largely because Reichsfuhrer Robert is a top-ranking potentate in the Democratic Party hierarchy. In short, his word carries weight.

    Now, in all candor, I must concede at this point that I know Mr. Reich personally, having worked with him some years back on a TV show called Money Politics. My job was to put a stool under the diminutive Mr. Reich’s feet so that when he sat down in his chair on the set, his legs wouldn’t dangle in the air.

    Put somewhat more succinctly, my job was to help the Reichsfuhrer keep his feet on the ground. Obviously, I did not do a very good job. Neither have those, it turns out, whose job it is now to keep his head out of the clouds.

    Here’s how Mr. Reich characterized his “No Whites/Only Imbeciles Need Apply” dictum in his own testimony about “stimulus” jobs creation before a salivating Rep. Charles Rangel at a January 7th Congressional hearing:

    “I am as concerned as many of you are that these jobs not simply go to high-skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers.”

    And with that, Reichsfuhrer Robert – former Secretary of [Labor]* under Bill Clinton and trusted advisor to Barack Obama – gave all new meaning to the term “affirmative action.” No longer will disgruntled job applicants find it necessary to lay claim to some sort of historic discrimination. Now, it will simply be enough to be able to walk, waddle, mosey, or stagger up to the Reichstag Employment Office and prove that you are non-white or stupid.

    Of course, the non-white part shouldn’t be too difficult. Maybe the Reichstag burokraten could utilize a variation on the dreaded South African pencil test. There, in the horrifying days of apartheid, a job applicant had to be able to run a pencil effortlessly through his hair to prove that he was not black. In Obama’s America, if the pencil glides through, you can drop dead – and don’t expect any government “stimulus” to start your ticker tocking, either.

    The stupidity test could be a little more challenging for Reichsfuhrer Reich and his goose-stepping minions. So, how about these three questions for starters:

    1) Have you ever worked in a job where you didn’t destroy everything in sight and end up having to be fired for gross incompetence? (Or, perhaps, even better: Have you ever worked in a job at all?)

    2) Does it bother you that your shoes are on backwards and you’re running around in a t-shirt in sub-zero weather?

    3) Have you ever owned a book that you didn’t have to color in the pictures, and when you count to 10, are you able to do so without a neighbor suggesting you use both hands?

    Okay, I know those are tough questions. After all, several of them are compound. And Reichsfuhrer Robert would probably object that we were setting the bar too high. But, keep in mind, we are dealing here with $825 billion in taxpayer handouts.

    I want you to imagine for a second what kind of wailing and gnashing of teeth would have ensued had a top Republican advisor to Presidents uttered similar heresy about not hiring blacks, or only rewarding skilled workers. Why, the besotted individual would have been run out of America on a rail – the objects in the universe moving more quickly being the politicians sprinting to nearby microphones to denounce his every word and deny they ever knew him.

    But, here we are in Barack Obama’s America, and Reichsfuhrer Robert is still riding high (so to speak), his bigoted trial balloon still gaining altitude. And the former professor of black studies who later rose to the defense of the Jena Six before moving on up to the Oval Office has yet to utter one word on behalf of the tens of millions of highly skilled whites and blacks who voted him into office to help bridge the racial divide.

    Perhaps it’s time to change the inscription on U.S. currency from “E Pluribus Unum” to “Bigotry Uber Alles.”

    Carter Clews is the Executive Editor of ALG News Bureau.

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