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Viva La France!

  • On: 04/20/2009 09:38:53
  • In: Barack Obama
  • By William Warren

    In what may mark the first ever occurrence of its kind, France is right. Additionally, its leader is refusing to surrender.

    And that’s no joke.

    At a recent lunch with members of the French parliament, President Nicolas Sarkozy dove headfirst into one of the three forbidden table conversation topics: politics. Although the menu options are unclear, the French President made kabobs of his fellow world leaders by skewering them through and through.

    Angela Merkel, he said, was confused at the G-20 summit. He likewise charged that José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero of Spain is not “very clever” and Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi is a power-hungry narcissist.

    Some of his harshest words, however, were reserved for Barack Obama. Referring to him as “weak and inexperienced”, President Sarkozy said that his American counterpart:

    “has a subtle mind…was elected two months ago and never ran a ministry in his life. He doesn’t have a position on a number of things…[Mr. Obama] is not always operating at a level of decision-making and efficiency.”

    Wait a second. Was that criticism? Of Barack Obama? Couldn’t be!

    If you’re an establishment member of the mainstream media, now would be a good time to shout “stop the presses!”—that is, of course, if the presses weren’t already going out of business thanks in part to their utter abandonment of unbiased, journalistic accountability.

    Granted, somewhat thorny relations between the American and French heads-of-state have been a recurring trend over the years. But this is entirely different. Mr. Obama is, of course, the self-proclaimed “citizen of the world,” a transcendental leader who’s come to put America back in the good faith of its neighbors.

    Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for freedom-loving societies worldwide), that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

    In addition to pointing out Barack Obama’s lack of experience and leadership abilities, Mr. Sarkozy also noted the American President’s naiveté with regard to nuclear weapons strategy. In a leaked memo, Sarkozy’s office stated that Mr. Obama’s posturing on nuclear disarmament “was rhetoric – not a speech on American security policy, but an export model aimed at improving the image of the United States.”

    Moreover, Mr. Sarkozy conveyed his irritation regarding Barack Obama’s self-absorbed pop-culture injected, rock star façade and triumphal entry into Europe.

    So much for avoiding political discussions at meals. And, if you include his comical jab at Mr. Obama’s ballyhooed messianic veneer, perhaps President Sarkozy also covered the 2nd forbidden table conversation topic: religion. Referencing Mr. Obama’s upcoming trip to Normandy, the French President mockingly quipped:

    “I am going to ask him to walk on the Channel, and he’ll do it.”

    So while his Parliamentary colleagues were shoveling mouthfuls of France’s finest, President Sarkozy was giving a mouthful of France’s frankest.

    And, oh, what a relief it was.

    While the American media and political elite utter nary a critical word about Barack Obama, its a shame that serious observers must look overseas—into the bastion of liberalism that is France, mind you—to get a fair assessment of the infantile and hyped-up American president. Going against the frenzied masses, Mr. Sarkozy has done the job that the so-called “news media” has neglected–speaking the truth about Barack Obama.

    So now the question begs asking: who will be the next world leader to stand up and proclaim that the Emperor has no clothes and that Barack Obama’s leadership experience is stark naked?

    Perhaps the rest of Europe’s leaders will follow France’s (newfound) fearless example and refuse to surrender to the Obama delusion. And maybe even America’s media elite can no be critical of the American President too—after, of course, they take their shots President Sarkozy.

    William Warren is a Contributing Editor of ALG News Bureau.

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