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Getting Americas Energy on the Right Track

  • On: 05/18/2009 09:53:08
  • In: Energy Crisis, Global Warming Fraud, and the Environment
  • By Rep. Tom Price (GA)

    As published at NetRightNation.com.

    When energy prices spiked last year, Americans across the political spectrum understood a simple concept that many in Washington still don’t get: high energy costs hurt.

    Sadly, those affected most were least able to absorb the pain. Households on shoestring budgets suddenly had to choose between paying for food, rent, clothing, and commuting to work. On the macro-economic level, higher transportation and production costs for businesses meant higher prices at the store for consumers. Consumers responded by spending less, and the economy stumbled.

    With unemployment still rising and the government bailouts and “stimulus” attempts predictably failing to improve the economic outlook, we need an energy plan that will create American jobs and American energy.

    The Democrats’ response? They want to increase energy costs by more than $3,000 per household. Their cap-and-trade plan is effectively a national energy tax that will punish energy consumption and devastate economic activity. Simply put, they want you to pay more money every time you flip on a light switch.

    The Republican Study Committee has a better idea. In partnership with the Congressional Western Caucus, we recently introduced H.R. 2300, the American Energy Innovation Act. H.R. 2300 is an “all-you-can-create” energy plan that focuses on innovation to create the renewable fuels of tomorrow, conservation to ease energy demand and create a cleaner environment, and production of American energy sources today.

    Our plan will not only decrease our dependence on foreign energy suppliers and forge a path to a new energy future, it will provide millions of the jobs we need to reinvigorate the economy.
    The American Energy Innovation Act—an idea whose time has come.

    Rep. Tom Price is a featured NetRight Nation contributor.

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