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ALG in the News: NRN – Obama’s Soylent Green Rationing Rooms

  • On: 07/31/2009 10:55:36
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  • ALG Editor’s Note: In the following, NH Insider reprints ALG New Executive Editor Carter Clews’ recent piece on health care rationing.

    NRN – Obama’s Soylent Green Rationing Rooms

    By Carter Clews

    The latest figures from James Carville’s Democracy Corps polling firm cannot be good news for Barack Obama and his head-strong, headlong push for government-run socialized medicine: A full 54 percent of senior citizens oppose the scheme. And 40 percent oppose it “strongly.”

    Perhaps they have figured out what Obama is covering up and the mainstream media is refusing to reveal: “Obamacare” is the ultimate redistribution program. Only in this case, it’s far worse than the mere “redistribution of wealth,” candidate Obama proposed in his campaign.

    With “Obamacare,” the president proposes “redistributing the health” – from the old who have worked hard all of their lives to provide for their “Golden Years” to the younger members of the welfare culture who have come to believe that everything they receive from the hand of government is an “entitlement,” and that universal health care should now be loaded onto the Gravy Train.

    In short, the Obama government-run “health care” plan is actually a not-so-veiled attempt to take from those who have worked hard and – once again – give to those who have hardly worked…

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