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ALG in the News: Wall Street Journal

  • On: 07/14/2009 11:11:02
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  • ALG Editor’s Note: In the following commentary, Americans for Limited Government is mentioned by Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund for Tea Party activities over the holiday.

    Resistance Is Not Futile

    The Tea Parties are back. On April 15, Tax Day, demonstrations around the country attracted more 600,000 people to several hundred events ranging from slick, media-savvy productions to backyard bull sessions. Organizers were so pleased they tried it again for this past Fourth of July weekend. The latest reports indicate the events were well attended and once again featured local activists rather than professional politicians trying to capitalize on media attention.

    “People are not just upset about taxes,” says Lisa Miller, organizer of a Washington D.C. Tea Party that drew over 3,000 people to the U.S. Capitol on Saturday. “There is the erosion of our liberties. There is the cap-and-trade tax on energy. There is the takeover of our health care system. People want to be heard.”

    Attendees certainly had a lot to listen to. Saturday’s rally featured speakers from groups ranging from the National Taxpayers Union to Americans for Limited Government and FreedomWorks.

    There is no evidence the tea parties are slowing down the Obama administration’s agenda, but their real impact is likely to be felt by the 49 House Democrats and 11 Democratic senators who come from states carried by John McCain in last November’s election. President Obama needs those legislators to vote for his programs in light of a likely united Republican opposition. As one Congressman recently told me: “I have to be careful what parts of Obama’s agenda I vote for. After all, even the Messiah did not carry my district.” — John Fund

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