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Change is Coming, Brought to you by Socialism

  • On: 07/07/2009 10:07:45
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  • By Justin Williams

    Over the weekend hundreds and thousands of American citizens gathered at grassroots “Tea Parties” coast to coast to protest Barack Obama’s massive expansion by government. During his campaign, Mr. Obama repeatedly said he wanted to be a “transformational” President.

    Now, that transformation appears to be from a government “of… by… and for” to govern over the people.

    Lately, this has been in the form of “cap and trade,” which will give government the ultimate power over the industrial sector of the economy. And it has been in the form of the currently proposed socialized health care plan that will empower the federal government to monopolize 14 percent of the nation’s economy.

    Over the weekend, it became entirely too clear is where President Obama may well be getting some of his strongest policy support. The Communist Party of America (CPA), which nearly died only a few short years ago, is now alive and thriving. And in his Independence Day homily to supporters, Dan Margolis, CPA’s leader in New York, makes no bones about who to credit for his party’s remarkable resurgence: “The 2008 election of Barack Obama, and now his presidency, are perhaps the biggest continuation of that spirit in a generation.”

    That’s right, to the leaders of the CPA, there is no question as to why their party has suddenly re-emerged from the political catacombs. And the fact is, if most Americans were given a blind test with their party platform, most would not be able to tell it from the Democratic Party platform on which Mr. Obama ran and won.

    For example, the minimum wage legislation, the Employee Free Choice Act, and bringing socialized health care to Americans are all policies supported by both the CPA and the DNC. Each of these issues will soon be going through Congress with the full support of Barack Obama.

    In fact, the CPA has a petition up now to “Declare Your Independence from the Insurance Industry” as if the American people currently have no right to opt out of health care. And that, of course, is a right that Americans will not have after Big Government socializes the medical sector.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. The CPA also agrees with the DNC on massive pre-k funding, extension of unemployment insurance, not allowing social security to be privatized, and myriad other issues.

    It seems that even though the CPA is unable to get large enough political support to get a candidate elected, they certainly have found their Dear Leader to lead their cause, if not their Party.

    The fact is, with every passing day and new program, the “Change” that’s sweeping the nation looks more like the Bolshevik, than the American Revolution. George Washington’s admonition that government “is dangerous servant and a fearful master” seems to have been supplanted by Marx’s Big Government mantra “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

    And that leaves the American people with a dilemma: they either stand up for freedom and liberty or as Mr. Margolis says in his folksy July 4th salute to his troops “take a moment to relax and celebrate with family and friends all that we’ve achieved so far—and all the victories to come up to and including a socialist USA.”

    Justin Williams is a Contributing Editor of ALG News Bureau.

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