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The Overnights: 07.31.09

  • On: 07/31/2009 11:02:15
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  • The Overnights: The Week in the Blogosphere in Review

    By: Adam Bitely

    Health Care continued to dominate the blogosphere this week, but another issue that the left loves to hate came back to the top: Tea Parties.

    With the August recess upon us, and no end in sight for the Health Care debate, the Tea Party activists are coming out once again to make sure they’re voices are heard when their legislators are at home. On August 22, there will be a nationwide rally at all 435 congressional district offices to tell congress to vote no on Socialized Medicine. This is turning into a massive operation.

    At the helm of all these protests is the center-right blogosphere. These bloggers have been leading resistance efforts against Socialized Medicine for a while now. Whether they were sending out calls to action or helping to organize protests, the center-right blogosphere has proven that it can organize since the beginning of the Obama administration.

    As I wrote in last week’s article, if the opponents of Socialized Medicine can turn up the pressure in August, they can achieve success. August starts tomorrow, and it looks like the pressure is coming.

    Adam Bitely is the Executive Director of NetRightNation.

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