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When the Red Tide is Rising and Love is in the Air

  • On: 07/30/2009 09:22:09
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  • By Carter Clews

    Make no mistake about it: Barack Obama is a doctrinaire Marxist. Always has been. Is now. Will be until the day he dies.

    And, now, he is absolutely determined to defend at all costs – including the Monroe Doctrine, the Kennedy Corollary, and the most basic freedoms of the Latin American people – the few remaining Marxists worldwide who still share his zeal for flying the red flag of that discredited dogma.

    Hence, just yesterday, the Obama State Department revoked the diplomatic visas of “individuals who are members of the de facto regime in Honduras.” To the rest of the world, that “de facto regime” is the courts, legislature, and 70% of the Honduran people. They’re the ones who invoked Section 239 of the Honduran Constitution to remove Marxist despot Manuel Zelaya from the presidency he was seeking to turn into a Chavez-style dictatorship.

    But, apparently, abiding by such constitutional safeguards is “above the pay grade” of the former law-school-instructor-turned-president who spent his days behind the podium extolling the virtues of Communist Party member W.E.B DuBois.

    Here’s how the highly respected author, broadcaster, and columnist for the London Telegraph summed up the situation in Honduras – and Barack Obama’s love affair with Marxist crackpots:

    “Zelaya’s return is being demanded by Chavez, Nicaraguan Sandinista president Daniel Ortega and Evo Morales, president of Bolivia. These hoods are the Latin American chapter of the Axis of Evil, but Washington loves them”.

    Now, lest anyone doubt that Barack Obama’s ultimate goal is a total Marxist takeover throughout Latin America, let’s look at the record since he brought his Red Tide Rising act to the Oval Office:

    • In Venezuela, self-declared Marxist Hugo Chavez gutted his country’s term limits laws, took out the opposition media, and esconsced himself as dictator for life. Mr. Obama’s response: He had his State Department commend Chavez on scuttling term limits and appointed as Western Hemisphere Czar one Arturo Valenzuela who has endorsed Chavez ban on freedom of the press.
    • In Nicaragua, a full 64 percent of the people regard Marxiat Comandante Daniel Ortega as an “authoritarian ruler” and want him to leave office as their Constitution requires in 2011. Mr. Ortega’s response to that is to send his “turbas” (roving gangs) into the streets to disrupt local elections, to appoint “citizen power councils” to carry out his will at the local level, and to gut term limits. Mr. Obama’s response: He asked comrade Ortega to forgive him for the Bay of Pigs invasion.
    • In Bolivia, on April 16, Evo Morales proclaimed, “I want to declare myself Marxist, Leninist, communist, socialist …” Which probably didn’t come as too much of a surprise to the people of that beleaguered country, since, according to the new Constitution he personally drafted, “the private accumulation of economic power” will not be permitted to “endanger the economic sovereignty of the State” and “the right to own private property [must] fulfill a social function.” Obama’s response: Essentially, “You go, boy!”
    • And, of course, when it comes to Cuba, Barack Obama can’t move quickly enough to normalize U.S. relations with the grim world of the brothers wonderful. He was barely situated in the Oval Office before he muttered his apology for the Bay of Pigs, pleading that he was “only three months old at the time.” Next, he lifted travel restrictions to the Marxist state. And just the other day, he ordered the pro-democracy ticker turned off at the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Cuba.

    So, is there anywhere in Latin America where Barack Obama is actually opposing a Big Government power grab? Well, yes, in Colombia. At the White House on June 30, Mr. Obama told Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe point blank not to gut that country’s term limits law and run for re-election. Of course, Mr. Uribe, perhaps not so coincidentally, is adamantly anti-communist.

    So, there we have it: throughout Latin America, a Red Tide is rising. And on the banks of the Potomac, where, in the words of the London Telegraph headline, “Barack Obama discovers socialist projects at home and a pro-Marxist foreign policy,” red-starry-eyed love is in the air.

    Carter Clews is the Executive Director of ALG News.

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