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Editorial: Bus-ting FreeTime to Take Back America

  • On: 09/09/2009 09:47:29
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  • On Thursday, September 10th, the American Liberty tour, a nationwide hands-on effort to organize citizens about the overreach of Big Government today, will be kicking its coast-to-coast efforts in Sacramento, California. It is scheduled to stop in 18 cities across twelve states from California to Georgia until October 13th.

    Although it is critical for the American people to express their outrage against an unaccountable government via phone calls, town halls, letters, emails, and protests, these are no longer good enough. Americans for Limited Government is co-sponsoring the tour to bring a new message to Americans: It is time to organize into a viable political movement to take back America. Why?

    The government’s takeover of the economy now extends to health care, the financial sector, education, agriculture, and the energy industry via cap-and-tax. Its power grabs via national regulations and executive orders have subverted the intended federal system that envisioned local, provincial control of government by the people. Its taxation and regulatory burdens on companies have made it less and less attractive to invest, do business, and create new jobs.

    Making matters worse, the expansion of entitlements will in the coming decades bankrupt the public treasury. Social Security and Medicare represent some $104 trillion in unfunded liabilities. The national debt is projected to grow to over $20 trillion over the next ten years,
    The Federal Reserve has more than doubled the money supply since the financial crisis began, and the dollar is sinking as gold has once again topped $1,000 an ounce, signaling worrisome inflation for years to come.

    In short, the politicians of both political parties have failed to rein in government’s excesses. And the time for waiting on, pleading for, and demanding responsible leadership to save the country has long passed.

    Instead, now is the time for direct, concerted action by concerned citizens nationwide, one community at a time. Before it is too late. That is why ALG will be hitting the road on this week, to tell Americans that they need to take back their own government. They need to take over their local political party organizations and governments. They need to be active in their communities, organized online and in the streets, and of course, in constant communication with their “representatives.”

    ALG New Media Coordinator and Director of NetRightNation.com, Adam Bitely, said that the American Liberty Tour “will provide a great venue for people to come out and learn how to become active—all to organize against these government takeovers of every aspect of our lives. Citizen activism is now more critical than ever.”

    Bitely will be handling the tour’s new media outreach, and is ALG’s official spokesman on the tour. He warned the American people do not have much time to get their act together. “With Congress now in session again, this is a critical time for the grassroots to be organized. A lot of the work that has been done at the grassroots level in August has been in preparation for this legislative session. Congress is ready to vote on the Obama health care takeover in both houses. Then they’ll be pushing cap-and-tax in the Senate. The American people have to be prepared to push back,” said Bitely.

    In other words, despite overwhelming opposition to the government takeovers of the health care and energy industries, Congress is rushing forward with its agenda of centralizing power in Washington. This despite the fact that recent polling by Rasmussen Reports finds that only 35 percent support capping carbon emissions. On the health care side, 53 percent of voters oppose Obama’s planned takeover of the nation’s health system.

    Over the next month, Bitely will be meeting with Americans nationwide, urging them to fight against their unaccountable, unsustainable government. And he’ll be carrying a tried and true message to Barack Obama: “We have just begun to fight.” Citizens across the fruited plain need to answer this critical call to action.

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