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The Barstool Economist: The War on the Peoples Romance (Part II)

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  • The Barstool Economist: The War on the People’s Romance (Part II)

    By Justin Williams

    A few weeks ago, we discussed the fact that “The People’s Romance” with by Government has manifested itself in America, and it has serious consequences on how people view and handle government growth. But many ask “How does this happen?” and “What can we do?”

    For better, or worse, it is part of human nature to bond together for mutual protection, and often projection. Within limits, the inclination is admirable – unless someone comes along who ploys upon it to seize power by false promises and phony threats.

    Enter the leftwing politicians with their penchant for Big Government’s total control.

    One of the major reasons for this, economist pioneer Dan Klein states, is “sociobiological and cultural evolution.” Man was born as a hunter-gatherer where he interacted and bonded together with multiple other humans. Soon after, natural leaders would rise and those leaders would then monitor everyone’s support. That meant that if one person slacked off, the leader would see that, and the group would trust him and decide punishment.

    No one would argue that this happens on a micro scale, as humans interact within their own clubs, businesses, and families every day. But it is government that takes this sociobiological need and exploits it.

    The whole mentality that the government must care for the poor, provide massive entitlements, and insure industries against failure, is putting government as the ultimate parent over (it’s) child likes.

    Economist Deirdre McCloskley mentions in her book “How to be Human” that it is difficult to teach free market economics to eighteen year olds because they “lived mainly in socialist economy, namely, her birth household, centrally planned by her parents, depending on loyalty rather than exit.”

    So what can the few of us who have not fallen in the trap do to combat this? It’s simple: control the rhetoric.

    For far too long, liberty-minded Americans have been losing the battle for language. For example, the world “liberal” once meant someone who was pro-markets and pro-individualistic freedoms, like Adam Smith or David Ricardo. Now people in America are more likely to think of Nancy Pelosi or Ted Kennedy, who have already done their fair share of dampening free-market individualism and initiative.

    But, of course, in no way is this a recent development. For example, when the great economist Friedrich von Hayek wrote his seminal book “The Road to Serfdom,” he had to write a new introduction for the American version that explained what liberal really means.

    And the worst part is, when politicians use war as a tool for entrenching “The People’s Romance.” War is a time when people must bond together as they did during World War II to defeat a common enemy. So demeaning what many brave Americans fought for by labeling political excursions “The War on…” (Poverty, Drugs, AIDS, Hunger) is counterproductive towards freedom and a license for big government.

    So, “what can we do?” First and foremost, the right should not accept the left’s language control that has historically gone unchallenged. Remember it was Orwell who warned that when you lose the language you lose the battle against tyranny and Big Brother.

    And it is that battle that if lost by liberty-minded people for the final word for the Far-Left will be “Totalitarianism.”

    Justin Williams is the Senior Commentary Editor of ALG News Bureau and, as always, he accepts questions and comments on the Barstool Economist at [email protected]

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