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The Overnights: Big Government Dips into Blogosphere

  • On: 10/23/2009 09:45:45
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  • The Overnights: Big Government Dips into Blogosphere

    By Adam Bitely

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a new set of rules for bloggers in order to keep track of who they are working with. The new disclosure rules only apply to bloggers though.

    A double standard seems to have emerged in the Obama administration. With the new “disclosure” rules applying only to those in new media while excluding those in old media, one must be wondering why?

    Well, the answer lies in the FTC Chairman, Jon Leibowitz. Let’s just say he has friends in high places, or, a wife that is on the editorial board of the Washington Post. On the surface it appears that Mr. Leibowitz is hurting the number one competitor to his wife’s industry.

    This is the type of Big Government that those in the right-wing blogosphere are trying to fight against. Attempts to regulate the blogosphere to protect the newspapers will utterly fail. It’s now time for the blogosphere to stand up against Mr. Leibowitz and his over stretching FTC.

    Adam Bitely is the Executive Director of NetRight Nation.

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