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The Overnights: Health Care Vote is Tomorrow

  • On: 11/06/2009 10:02:36
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  • The Overnights: Health Care Vote is Tomorrow

    By Adam Bitely

    After months of debate, townhall meetings, and protests, the big day is here. Congress will vote on Health Care tomorrow.

    The blogosphere has been at the center of this debate from day one. From providing key information on what the bill is all about, to organizing protests and alerting people of what was happening at the townhall meetings, the blogosphere has been the turn to place to get information.

    The Tea Party Movement has utilized the online arena as a place to organize through this entire fight. Prominent national blogs have performed like major media outlets in disseminating the information. The critics that claimed that the right has no idea how to use the internet are eating their words. However the vote goes tomorrow, this is a win for the right wing blogosphere.

    And after Tuesday night’s election results, and the since pounding from the NetRight blogosphere to vote no on the bill, those that vote in favor of Health Care will have something to be afraid of. If there is anything to take from this Health Care showdown, it is that the NetRight blogosphere is a potent weapon for affecting political change.

    Adam Bitely is the Executive Director of NetRightNation.com

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