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The Wire: Barack, You Have a Problem

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  • Barack, You Have a Problem

    Anyone who has yet to visit the site of the new Washington News Observer independent broadcast news bureau is missing some of the most unique and revealing on-camera interviews coming out of the Nation’s Capitol.

    And amazingly enough, they are available absolutely free to broadcasters, bloggers, and newspapers (which, of course, explains why ALG News makes such liberal – if we can use that word – use of them).

    One of the more revealing WNO soundbites in recent days was its interview with DC delegate to Congress Eleanor Holmes Norton. Not only did Norton – a close Obama associate – warn that “in our zeal to get a [healthcare] bill,” Congress may shift the cost to the middle class, she admitted that — Obama’s assertions to the contrary — there are no “revenues” to pay for the costly bill:

    So, What Does He Do With His Time?

    As Election Night 2009 turned into a deepening disaster for Barack Obama, his Communications Office hastened to put out the word that he had little interest in the returns and was not even bothering to watch the TV coverage.

    It reminded O-Zone observers of his response to last summer’s Tax Day Tea Parties when millions of Americans took to the streets to demonstrate against the Obama agenda. According the White House Press Office, he was off doing his own thing and was “unaware of tea parties.”

    So, one is left to wonder: What does this President do while his constituents are taking to the streets and flocking to the polls to tell him how little they like his handiwork?

    Perhaps inadvertently, White House pressies revealed the truth late last week when they released the picture below (which mainstream media Obamatons somehow neglected to share with their viewing audiences):

    The only question remaining now is: What, exactly, were Barack, Michelle, and their palies watching in the White House bijou? Currently, the top 3D movies are Journey to the Center of the Earth, Beowulf, Spacehunters: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, and My Bloody Valentine.

    One can only hope it was Beowulf. And that he took special note of the epic’s timely warning, “Incline not to arrogance, famous warrior.”

    A Simple Truth Too Often Ignored

    While most Washington insiders’ eyes were turned to Virginia, New Jersey, and NY23, a relative handful of voters in the town of Manchester, New Hampshire, cast a vote that bespoke the spirit of voters nationwide.

    By nearly 2,000 votes, out of 16,000 cast, the residents of Manchester approved a ballot initiative that capped local government spending. Under the new cap, spending will be limited to the rate of inflation plus growth, unless two-thirds of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen votes to override the cap.

    The popular New Hampshire citizens’ organization reported the victory thusly:

    “Their message was loud and clear; low taxes are the result of low spending.”

    Now, the message simply needs to wind its way south to either end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

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