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The Wire: Scozzafavaing the Local Yokels

  • On: 11/18/2009 09:27:34
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  • Scozzafavaing the Local Yokels

    The news just keeps getting worse for the Washington GOP establishment.

    First they managed to plunge themselves into minority status by showing for 12 long, lost years that they couldn’t accomplish anything as a majority. Then, they rolled over and played dead after Barack Obama was elected until the Tea Party Hearty brigade drug them out from under their desks.

    And now, a new Rasmussen Poll reveals that “74% Say Congressional GOP Leaders Out of Touch.” That’s seventy-four, as in ¾, as in three out of every four Republicans. It’s hard to get that many people to agree on the color of the sky on any given day – so kudos to the GOP Washington establishment for doing such a remarkable job of uniting the American people.

    Here’s a suggestion for how the GOP “leadership” might get back in touch with its former followers: Try reading the Republican Platform. It’s an interesting document laying out the positions for which the 74% of your voters who now consider you out of touch wrongly thought you were going to fight.

    The alternative: Continue trying to scozzafava the local yokels – and drive off the remaining 24% of the GOP voters who think there still might be a scintilla of hope you won’t go the way of the Whigs.

    Welcome to Barack Obama’s Make Believe America

    On Monday, the Washington Examiner broke the story of the Obama Administration claiming 75,000 plus bogus jobs from its highly touted Stimulus Bill. And yesterday, the conservative bloggers super site, NetRightNation.com added massive fuel to the fire.

    According to NRN – which aggregates some 70,000 conservative blogs daily — Bill McMorris’ Watchdog.org revealed that not only have the Obama loyalists conjured up imaginary jobs – they even gone so far as to make up their own “phantom congressional districts.” McMorris found that, according to the Obama Administration’s own Recovery.org website, funds were distributed to 440 congressional districts that do not exist.

    D.J. McGuire from Virginia Virtucon.com decided to dig a little deeper into this claim and find out how the Obama Administration views Virginia. Very expansively, it turns out. Up until November 4, 2008, Virginia had 11 congressional districts. Apparently overwhelmed with gratitude for the Old Dominion having helped sweep him into the Oval Office, Obama has now adjusted those figures.

    Here is an image taken from Recovery.gov showing money being allocated to Virginia Congressional Districts:

    Reached for comment on this largesse, Recovery.org Tweeted back tersely: “Unless an egregious error is noted, Recovery.gov posts data exactly as it is reported by recipients.”

    Apparently, in Barack Obama’s Make Believe America, awarding millions of tax dollars to non-existent congressional districts is not all that “egregious.” Well, that’s good to know.

    Inside NY 23

    The WIRE has learned that the actual story of what happened inside the NY 23 GOP debacle may be the stuff nightmares are made of. According to a reliable source at the highest levels of the Hoffman campaign, it can all be summed up in four words — and one tell-tale acronym: The NRCC was completely ineffective.

    Once Dede Scozzafava dropped, the source tells The WIRE, the NRCC lost total control of the former GOP candidate. It made no attempt to bring her on board, despite Michael Steele’s assurances that Hoffman would receive full party backing.

    As to Steele’s pledge that “Doug’s campaign will receive get-out-the-vote efforts to defeat Bill Owens,” one GOP operative explicitly stated that they had no ground troops to offer Hoffman. And, in fact, two busloads of union workers left as soon as Dede dropped.

    And as to any assistance from NRCC operatives on getting out the vote or manning the polls, here’s how one Hoffman supporter summed it up, “I went by the NRCC call center around noon on Election Day and was appalled at all the empty beer cans stacked up in office before the polls had even closed.”

    Sour grapes – or a sorry spectacle? The WIRE will let you be the judge.

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