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Editorial: Snowe and Collins Theyve done it before, they can do it Again

  • On: 12/10/2009 09:41:44
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  • Perhaps no other battle in recent memory has gripped Washington more than the fierce struggle currently being waged over the future of American healthcare.

    In the midst of this often vicious, seemingly-endless Congressional donnybrook, two centrist Republican Senators have become the focus of enormous attention. Although occasionally drawing the ire of limited-government conservatives, these two Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both of Maine, could end up being the last, best hope freedom-loving Americans have for defeating Obamacare and preserving the greatest healthcare system on the face of the earth.

    In the Senate, it has become something of a numbers game. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) needs 60 votes to pass his public option healthcare plan. Without Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) in tow, the Democrats likely have 59 votes.

    And that means Senators Snowe and Collins’ votes could well decide whether the public option lives or dies—and whether quality healthcare survives or succumbs.

    Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government, issued a statement on Wednesday urging Senators Snowe and Collins to stand firm and stop the so-called public option “trigger” from being pulled on the American people. As Wilson said:

    “Only Senators Snowe and Collins can stop this madness. Now is a time for choosing for Senators Snowe and Collins, with the ‘public option’ aimed at the American people.

    Senators Snowe and Collins can be heroes if they stop this highly unpopular, budget-busting government power grab. They are in an historic position to save health care for millions of Americans.”

    Wilson is right. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are, indeed, in a historical position to make a monumental move. They alone could be the difference between an America that stays true to its principles of freedom and individual choice, or an America that succumbs to the slippery slope of a Big Government healthcare takeover.

    This position, however, is nothing new for Senators Snowe and Collins. The healthcare debate certainly isn’t the first time the Maine duo has stood on the precipice of history and been compelled to make a decision.

    In 2005, both Senators joined the so-called “Gang of 14”, a bipartisan group of Democrats and Republicans who helped ensure the confirmation of Supreme Court nominees John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Since reaching the highest court, both Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito have demonstrated an unflinching dedication to constitutionally limited government, basic individual liberties, and the one-of-a-kind vision for America as envisioned by its Founding Fathers.

    Truth be told, without Senator Snowe and Collins taking a strong, principled stand during those crucial days, it is unsure whether or not these two supremely qualified individuals would have ever even made it to the bench. It is highly likely that Democrats would have continued their unceasing filibustering and ultimately succeeded in blocking the nominations.

    Just as in 2005, the two Senators now once again find themselves in a history-making moment.

    Thankfully, Senator Collins has already stated publically that she does not intend to support the public option “trigger”. Standing beside Senator Joe Lieberman last Friday, Mrs. Collins made her position unequivocally clear:

    “I do not support and think it is unwise policy to create a government-owned, government-run insurance company. And it is not necessary to achieve the objective of broader coverage, lower cost, and higher quality health care system.”

    Going forward from this point, it is absolutely crucial that Senator Collins stand firm in her stated opposition to the public option—and that Senator Snowe courageously join her fellow Maine Senator. These are historic times, indeed, and the American people are anxiously hoping and praying that Snowe and Collins will once again show historic strength.

    In the words of the Senators’ Maine compatriot, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

    Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears,
    Our faith triumphant o’er our fears,
    Are all with thee,—are all with thee!

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