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Pulling Back a Bloodied PAW

  • On: 12/08/2009 09:37:40
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  • By Carter Clews

    The viperish ogres at People for the (Anti)American Way have picked the wrong target for their latest their fundraising screed. Accustomed to watching their quarry turn tail and run while they greedily fleeced their dwindling gaggle of gullible loons, they decided to turn their guns on the gang at Americans for Limited Government.

    In the words of Arno’s Last Action Hero, “Big mistake.”

    The PAW crew accused ALG of “McCarthyism;” proving anew that their antiquated copywriters haven’t updated their glossaries since Norman Lear gathered them around his Underwood and taught them to spell “meathead” and “dingbat.” About 90% of Americans today don’t know McCarthy from Fibber McGee. And 90% of those who do know don’t care.

    The basis for PAW’s baseless charge was as absurd as the accusation itself: they didn’t think it was nice for ALG to tell the truth about Obama cohort and Chicago moll, Valerie Jarrett. ALG had disclosed that Jarrett – who made a fortune as a Windy City slum lord – was the White House eminence grise behind some of Obama’s most radical appointments.

    That includes self-avowed Marxist Van Jones; homosexual proselytizer Kevin Jennings (as “safe schools” czar, no less); animal rights extremist Cass Sunstein (who believes cows should be able to sue farmers); and FEC “diversity” czar Mark Lloyd, who sees freedom of speech and the press as a “distraction.” If you can really “tell a person by the company he (or she) keeps,” Ms. Jarrett could give Nurse Rached a run for her money.

    Valerie Jarrett, of course, is what she is – and People for the (Anti)American Way ought to learn to live with it. But, then, of course, they wouldn’t be able to raise money on false accusations in Valerie Jarrett’s phony defense. And when an organization has built a lengthy reputation as the leftwing’s leading bodyguard of liars, it’s tough to chuck it all over an inconvenient truth.

    So, PAW made the mistake of lying about ALG. Just as it has anyone and everyone who dares to dissent from liberal orthodoxy. Just as it does every time it thinks it can make a quick buck off sliming its enemies and touting a radical agenda.

    Not too long ago, PAW raked in a small fortune telling its unknowing members that the evil Republicans then in control of the Senate were plotting to destroy the Constitution by outlawing the filibuster. Nothing could have been further from the truth – the GOP just wanted to limit debate on judicial nominees. But, with PAW, when money talks, truth walks. So, they perpetrated their lie.

    More recently, PAW fundraisers decided they could make a carnal buck by accusing Sarah Palin of wanting to turn America into “country where gay and lesbian citizens are discriminated against.” Of course, they didn’t bother disclosing where they got this juicy piece of misinformation – since “made it up” doesn’t sell too well in direct mail copy.

    And then, just a few weeks ago, the PAW collection agents sent out an email pitch saying they needed to build up a massive war chest to help take out “census-fearing GOP Rep. Michelle Bachman, who has become her own punch line.”

    Now, of course, as most Americans know, the feisty Minnesota Congresswoman doesn’t fear much of anything, including the census. But, she was ready to fight tooth and nail to keep the census from falling into the hands of either the ACORN crime family, or Obama hit man Rahm Emmanuel – both of whom tried to seize control of it over the past six months.

    Here’s a tell tale sign of just how fast and loose PAW plays with the facts: the Minnesota Congresswoman spells her first name with one “l” and her last name with two “n’s”. If PAW’s greedy, grasping money-mongers are so eager to get their clammy hands on filthy lucre that they can’t even spell “Michelle Bachman” right, what other facts do you think they might have conveniently glossed over in their hasty pursuit of ill-gotten gains?

    So, apparently emboldened by the success to date of their fundraising fact bashing, the organization’s gluttonous nibs decided to go after ALG. And they have pulled back a bloodied PAW. ALG president Bill Wilson quickly dispatched a letter to PAW’s top dog telling her to put up, or shut up. Show us one false charge we made against Valerie Jarrett, or zip it, Wilson cautioned.

    In short: big mistake, PAW. You see, there are some conservative action heroes who don’t take kindly to getting slimed by leftwing money grubbers. So, stand by.

    Carter Clews is the Executive Editor at ALG News

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