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The Valerie Jarrett Health Care Plan

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  • ALG Editor’s Note: The following is the fourth installment of the Jarrett Chronicles launched on Monday. For more information and up-to-date alerts, visit http://www.StopJarrett.com.

    In 2004, Jarrett’s Habitat Company violated the Family and Medical Leave Act by terminating an ill employee. David Burnett had been employed with Habitat for fourteen years. His boss had no problems with him until late 2003 when Burnett began to have symptoms of prostate cancer.

    Even as Burnett went to medical appointment after medical appointment, Habitat showed little concern for his health. Just before Burnett was officially diagnosed with cancer, Habitat terminated him.

    In 2006, the Seventh Circuit of the US Court of Appeals ruled that Habitat had broken the law by denying Burnett the medical leave to which he was entitled. At no point along the way to this ruling did Jarrett intervene to try to right the wrong.

    (David Burnett v. LFW, Inc. d/b/a The Habitat Company)

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