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The WIRE: Gate Crashers Mystery Grows

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  • Gate Crashers Mystery Grows

    The mystery surrounding the White House “gate crashers” continues to grow – and with it so do doubts as to what really happened before, during, and since the unsettling episode. One thing is certain, however: the full truth has not yet been told. And, in fact, the “misstatements” continue to multiply.

    First, the Obama staff contended that the couple was entirely unknown to anyone at the White House, and no one had any inkling who they might be. Then came the 2005 picture of a beaming Barack Obama posing with the lovely Salahi twosome, and that story evanesced.

    Next came the news that Mr. Salahi, in fact, shared a very unique affinity with Mr. Obama – i.e., their mutual enthusiasm for the Hamas terrorist regime. That story, of course, was dropped by the mainstream media quicker than a Jeremiah Wright sermonette.

    And finally, came the official Obama White House Blame Game laying it all at the feet of the Secret Service: they had failed their President and their country. Of course, being sworn to secrecy, the Secret Service has resolutely refused to utter a single word in its own defense. Nor, as Obama aides know, will it ever.

    But truth will out. And as one decorated Secret Service agent who served under four presidents told The WIRE in strictest anonymity: “It is not now, nor has it ever been the job of the Secret Service to run around at White House social functions ‘carding’ the guests. Whatever went wrong at that party, it had nothing to do with the Secret Service failing to do its job. Someone is covering something up.”

    What that “something” is remains to be seen. But, InqWIREing Minds now know, thanks to the Washington Post’s Roxanne Roberts, that top White House staffers knew the couple was not on the guest list as early as 7:35 in the evening. Which raises several vital questions:
    Why didn’t they have them removed? … How much earlier than that did they know? … and, Why the continuing cover-up?

    Czar Valenzuela Goes Bananas

    South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint now knows how it feels to wish you were wrong about being right. For months, the Senator put a hold on the nomination of Arturo Valenzuela to be the Obama Administration’s “Western Hemisphere Czar.” And with good reason.

    The controversial Valenzuela had first come to national attention in November, 2008, when widely respected journalist Martin Edwin Andersen resigned from Freedom House to protest the nominee’s being an “apologist” for corruption in Argentina and throughout Latin America. Valenzuela at the time was a Freedom House advisor.

    “When it comes to Latin America,” Andersen wrote, “I truly hope the Obama team will give a pass on including former Hillary Clinton supporter Arturo Valenzuela on its foreign policy team. Not only is Valenzuela’s dandyish personal style both boorish and pedantic; he has been proven dead wrong on several issues critical to democracy in Latin America and to U.S. security.”

    More recently, Valenzuela has argued for “dialogue and opening” towards Cuba, defended Hugo Chavez’ crackdown on press freedom in Venezuela, and denied that violence was a major issue in Mexico.

    A lack of support from other Republican members of the Senate compelled DeMint to lift his hold on Valenzuela in late November – and now, the “dandyish” Czar has made the Senator wish he hadn’t. Though both the White House and the State Department promised to respect the results of the recent free election in Honduras, Valenzuela has flown in the face of both by deciding to conduct his own foreign policy.

    And so, on the day following the election, Czar Valenzuela denounced the elections as “only a step,” adding ominously, “And by that, I mean that – what are the additional steps that need to be taken? A government of national unity needs to be formed. The congress has to take a vote on the return of President Zelaya to office.”

    Can you say, “Banana Republic”? Arturo Valenzuela can – and he, Chavez, and their comrade Fidel clearly won’t be satisfied until they establish one in the Democratic Republic of Honduras.


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