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The WIRE: Now at WashingtonWire.org

  • On: 12/07/2009 09:28:17
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  • The WIRE: Now at WashingtonWire.org

    ALG Editor’s Note: The Washington Wire has now moved to WashingtonWire.org. This website is all “The top news. All the time. In an instant.” In the first column, going left to right, there is the latest from all the news outlets in and around D.C. In the second column, all the major players in politics twitter feeds’ are featured. In the third column, all the latest blog posts from the top political blogs around the internet. And, finally, at the very bottom, there are some of important news stories of the day posted by ALG staff.

    This will give all reports, journalist, bloggers, and radio hosts/producers all the tools they will need to write their D.C. news stories and commentary.

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