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Literati Mike the Centipede Man

  • On: 01/08/2010 09:45:27
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  • By Carter Clews

    Michael Steele never ceases to vindicate those who believe that “faux pas” is actually French for “politician.” He is the living embodiment of the old saw, “Open mouth, insert foot. Open mouth, insert foot. Open mouth, insert foot. If he were a centipede, he could go on forever.”

    Unfortunately for grassroots Republicans, it often appears that he will go on forever – since no one in Washington seems to have the intestinal fortitude to give him his walking papers and point him back towards the Maryland border. Where, in all likelihood, former Lt. Gov. Mike can re-team up erstwhile pal Bob Erhlich and prove anew that the only difference between a Free State Republican and Democrat is that the latter doesn’t bother calling taxes “fees.”

    In his latest incarnation, Michael Steele has temporarily abandoned his Snoop Dog Mike persona (having been roundly denounced for calling his RNC blog “What Up”). Now, having a book to peddle, he has reemerged as a political maven. On talk show after talk show, the now erudite Literati Mike is dispensing wisdom as to how the Republicans won’t take back the Senate and House.

    That’s right, I said, “won’t,” not “will.” Other party leaders may take to the air to encourage the party faithful and rally the troops. But, the ever-museful Mike prefers to feign thoughtfulness, rub his chin, and toss his party under the Obama bus.

    Asked by Sean Hannity if the GOP was going to take back the House of Representatives in November, Literati Mike didn’t miss a beat. Foot firmly planted in mouth, he blurted, “Not this year.” Sensing that a few party loyalists may still be standing, Steele then entered into a rather bizarre Socratic exchange with himself: “Are we ready?” he asked rhetorically. “I don’t know,” he replied ponderously. And 55 million registered Republicans reached for the smelling salts.

    Let’s be clear: Michael Steele is not a bad guy. In fact, he seems like a fairly nice guy, when all is said and done. And with all he has said since taking over the reins of the RNC – from defending ACORN to trying to turn the party website into a hip-hop hodge-podge to apotheosizing Dede Scozzafava – he ought to be done as chair before he reaches his thousandth foot and makes the GOP look like a Whigs redux.

    Carter Clews is the Executive Editor of ALG News.

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