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Too Hot Not To Note: Scott Brown backers fear zombies

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  • ALG Editor’s Note:
    In the following featured article, the Boston Herald reported that Americans for Limited Government through the Washington News Alert had found that there were at least 100,000 dead people on the voter rolls.

    Scott Brown backers fear zombies

    By Edward Mason and Hillary Chabot

    Republicans supporting state Sen. Scott Brown and some conservative activists are raising concerns that electoral fraud could throw a close U.S. Senate contest to Democrat Martha Coakley.

    “The only way he can lose this is to have it taken from him,” said Roy Dennehy, 65, of North Andover, at a Brown rally yesterday.

    A fast-circulating e-mail yesterday by the conservative Washington News Alert stoked fraud fears, suggesting liberal groups such as ACORN and Coakley supporters could pose as one of more than 100,000 dead people supposedly on voter rolls to cast ballots for the attorney general.

    “The ability to vote as dead people is a realistic concern,” said Bill Wilson, president of the conservative Americans for Limited Government in Fairfax, Va.

    But Secretary of State William F. Galvin, whose office oversees elections, said there is no problem with dead voters: They’re removed from the voting lists sent to cities and towns, he insisted.

    “These are conservative groups who don’t know anything about this state,” said Galvin, challenging them to bring forward hard evidence of fraud. “I’ll put (Massachusetts’ record) up against any state. We guard the rights of voters here.”

    Brown dismissed concerns while on the campaign trail yesterday. “I have faith in the system and we’re better than that,” he said as he signed lawn signs.

    But House Minority leader Bradley Jones (R-North Reading) said anything’s possible in a close race.

    “When you see the crowds and feel the enthusiasm, you get the feeling like the only way for him to lose this is fraud,” Jones said.

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