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Editorial: Why the Tea Party Matters

  • On: 04/16/2010 09:39:10
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  • The tea party is not going away. More than a year after CNBC commentator Rick Santelli inspired the movement on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the American people have once again taken to the streets nationwide to protest the unprecedented expansion of centralized government in Washington.

    Like patriots of generations past, today’s freedom fighters wish to restore their rights under a constitutional limited government guided by the rule of law. They have watched in two short years as government engaged in bailouts to delinquent borrowers who could not pay back their debts. They have seen their purchasing power decline under a regime of easy money, loose credit, and deficit-spending that first blew up housing and energy bubbles to unaffordable levels, and now threatens to collapse the government under the sheer weight of a national debt that cannot possibly be paid. They have witnessed government make moves to seize and take over the auto industry, housing, health care, the energy sector, and now the financial system.

    And they have had enough. Today’s regime is the not founded upon the charter of liberty they learned of in grade school. Rather, what the American people have seen rise is a tyranny of government dependency — one that seeks to enslave future generations of the hard-working, the innovative, and the successful to subsidize failure today.

    The American people see the future slipping away, and rather than watch what remains of their liberty diminish and what is left of their property seized, they are taking action.

    “There’s only so much the American people will put up with,” Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson commented yesterday.

    Already, the tea party movement has had an indelible impact upon American politics. It has changed the conversation, and it was not done in Washington. It was done by real people in the real world. Wilson said that the tea parties are a leaving their mark, pronouncing they have “already reshaped the political landscape.”

    What remains to be seen is if their far-reaching political program will ever be implemented. Yesterday, tea party activists unveiled their Contract from America, which includes the following planks: a return to constitutional limited government, a balanced budget coupled with a spending cap, fundamental tax reform to a low, single-rate system, a restoration of fiscal responsibility, and an “all-of-the-above” energy policy. Also included is the repeal of ObamaCare, the rejection of cap-and-trade, “stop the pork,” and an end to tax hikes.

    These are the legitimate concerns of the American people, and now it is up to a few courageous politicians to take that mantle and run with it. The American people know what needs to be done. But, they need representation. They need leaders who will do it. Because time is running out.

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