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At the Department of Labor, Solis Has Gone Wild

  • On: 05/11/2010 06:31:02
  • In: Hard Left
  • By Adam Bitely

    The unemployment rate is 9.9 percent, and many economists say that our nation is settling into a long, uncomfortable period of high unemployment.

    The private sector is struggling to create jobs as it comes to grips with Obamacare’s additional costs and paperwork burdens, as well as the dual threats of dramatic energy cost increases from renewed cap and trade efforts, and higher taxes due to the 2010 expiration of President Bush’ tax cuts.

    However, one group of workers seems to be riding high on the hog: former Congressional staffers who followed Hilda Solis as she took on her new chores as the Secretary of Labor.

    One political appointee netted more than a 90 percent increase in pay, others routinely broke the 50 percent pay increase barrier. This serves as a stark contrast to the former Administration’s policy of not providing anyone with more than a 20 percent increase when they received the honor of serving their nation according to an Americans for Limited Government Freedom of Information Act request.

    Remember, this is the same Labor Department that continually tells the American people about how good they have it by providing positive spin to an unemployment rate that is near 60 year highs. And the same Labor Department that has overseen much of the economic “stimulus” package boondoggle that added more than $787 billion to the nation’s debt without delivering actual jobs.

    It is no wonder that these Labor officials are so enthused. After all, they received big pay raises due to the Obama victory, while the rest of America is paying the price for that 2008 mistake.
    Particularly troubling is that at a time when Americans across the board are trying to make ends meet, pay mortgages, car payments and child care expenses, Solis has fattened her loyalists in a way that would make an old time Tammany Hall boss proud.

    Instead of rewarding these politically connected sycophants, perhaps the U.S. should put them on a merit system, where their salaries are tied to the nation’s unemployment rate. If this had been the case, the increase in Americans seeking government jobs since Solis became Labor Secretary would have cut their salaries significantly, and perhaps provided the appointees with a renewed urgency to get America working again.

    Unfortunately, these political appointees will continue to get their cost of living adjustments, when private sector employees just hope to keep their jobs. These political appointees will get their step increases, as private employers seek to reduce costs to pay for the increased regulations they create. These political appointees will dine out at some of the finest D.C. establishments, while businesses struggle to overcome increased capital gains taxes.

    Working for American taxpayers used to be called government service. Sadly, in this Administration, it appears to be more about servicing the government.

    Adam Bitely is the Executive Editor of the Liberty Features Syndicate.

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