04.16.2010 0

Goldman Sachs In Trouble; Reid Slammed By Sachs Days Earlier

By Adam Bitely –

In what has proven to be an odd chain of events, news has recently dropped that Goldman Sachs has been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission for misleading and defrauding investors in selling a financial product based on subprime mortgages. Days earlier, however, Goldman Sachs’ President & COO Gary Cohn, set up Harry Reid at what was supposed to be a fundraiser but turned inquisition.

According to a Fox Business Network report, Reid attended what he thought would be a fundraiser in New York City hosted by Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn. However, when Reid arrived, he learned that he had been set-up. Instead of a fundraiser, Reid was harassed by Wall Street bankers that are “tired of being attacked from Capitol Hill.” Gary Cohn, who was present at the event, is a prominent Democrat and fundraiser.

This event transpired earlier this week.

Moments earlier, the SEC files charges against Goldman Sachs. Coincidence? Ponder that.

Consider that Democrats have been accepting donations from the top brass at Goldman Sachs to accept the bogus nature of the subprime mortgages. Democrats were rewarded handomely. Now this?

Yes, it takes time to put an SEC case together, however, the chain of events does raise questions. Why have Democrats turned their shoulder to policies they endorsed and proclaimed as necessary for the nation?

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