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Good Riddance, Andy Stern

By Adam Bitely –

Andy Stern, the most frequent visitor to the Obama White House, may now have a reason to stop visiting Barack Obama.

It was announced late Monday night that Andy Stern would be stepping down as President of the SEIU. This is a victory for the entire nation.

The announcement was sudden. But, with evidence exposing that Stern was in violation of Federal lobbying, registration and disclosure requirements, as ALG News previously reported. One can hardly see his resignation as a surprise. Stern may have finally committed a crime that he was not going to get away with.

Since Stern has become the head of the SEIU, he has got away with a fair bit of scandal. From destroying the SIUE members’ pension funds, running the organization into a great deal of debt, and embroiling the SEIU in a Federal investigation on illegal lobbying activities at the White House, Stern has been at the center of many scandals that he seems to get away with.

Stern may have seen the writing on the wall and realized that his many missteps in the past are catching up with him. Or, perhaps he is trying to get out of the spotlight while he is still at the top of Big Labor. More likely is that he knows that his time is running short, and that he will soon be embroiled in a lawsuit the size and scope of which has not been seen since Jack Abramoff was in Court.

As Bill Wilson, the President of Americans for Limited Government, said of Stern’s resignation, “Perhaps Andy Stern, who has done so much to drag the U.S. economy into the socialist abyss will be retiring to a spiritual home in Havana.” In truth, after looking at what Stern has done to the U.S. economy, Cuba may refuse to even let him in. From Stern’s support of ObamaCare to the unsustainable debt, Stern has proven that he has no sense of how to run an honest organization.

As far as we know, Stern will continue to hold his position on Obama’s Deficit Reduction commission. And will probably continue to hold his spot as the White House’s number one visitor. Maybe now that he is free from his duties at the SEIU, he can register as the lobbyist that he is.

Adam Bitely is the New Media Director at Americans for Limited Government.

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