04.19.2010 0

The Ted Kennedy Temple for Corruption

By Adam Bitely

The U.S. Taxpayer is on the hook for the construction of the Ted Kennedy Temple of Corruption, a shrine in honor of the corrupt former Massachusetts Senior Senator, Ted Kennedy. That’s right, with the current government debt sitting right at $12,890,069,687,407.32, it is absolutely necessary for the construction of a monument for Ted Kennedy to be paid for by the public. This is exactly how Teddy would have wanted it funded.

According to Fitsnews.com, the project will cost the taxpayer $70 million, including $20 million for the “Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.” The $20 million for the institute was shifted out of the Department of Defense budget. And Fits has more:

The Kennedy Institute will “serve as a national resource, helping Americans learn more about the Senate’s vital place in our democratic system and the historic leading role that the late Senator Kennedy played during his decades of outstanding service to Massachusetts and to the nation,” said U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey, who has joined forces with former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry to secure public funding for the $150 million project.

At least in this time of economic recession we can still count on Ted Kennedy, reaching from the grave, to continue ruining the country. Good ol’ Teddy “The Porker” Kennedy has proven that you don’t have to be inside of congress to screw things up–you just have to have congress on your side.

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