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The End of the Road for Arlen Specter

By Adam Bitely –

Today could very well be the end of the road for Arlen Specter, who stands today against Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary. Specter has been the target of the liberal left in a primary that exposes just how corrupt the political system is (Obama attempted to bribe Sestak not to run, we are still waiting for a “transparent” investigation or any sign of one into this matter).

Specter, who announced he would become a Democrat on April 28, 2009, has been backed by Obama, the DNC, and many of the establishment Democratic party machines including the AFL-CIO. Specter is probably regretting his party switch decision today.

Polls show that Specter is in trouble. With Sestak surging to a neck and neck and battle with Specter, it is hard to imagine the Democratic party faithful backing Specter over the finish line. Specter is a candidate with a vanishing base in the Democratic party.

So bad is the forecast for Specter, that his biggest supporter (supposedly) Obama has refused to show up at any campaign rallies. Obama, who has had bad luck with candidates as they cross the finish line (see Corzine in NJ, Deeds in VA, and Coakley in MA) is staying away from this contest, albeit in person. He did, however, cut a supportive YouTube video for Specter.

Sestak on the other hand, has had an interesting ride. He accused the Obama Administration of attempting to bribe him out of a bid against Specter. The bribe has not even been looked into by AG Holder, according to a Washington Examiner piece that accuses the Obama Administration and namely Holder, of being asleep at the switch, allowing corruption to run rampant in D.C..

Sestak will likely win tonight’s Pennsylvania Senate Primary, ending the lifetime career of Specter. Sestak would then face Pat Toomey in November.

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