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Holding Politicians to the Fire

  • On: 07/29/2010 09:36:32
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  • By Adam Bitely

    In an election year, it is far too common for political parties and certain loyal followers to chastise those that align along similar ideological lines when they criticize policy positions of candidates and elected officials that contradict their campaign rhetoric. While they are trying to protect their brand and their candidates, they sweep information that voters need under the rug.

    Only after a new crop of politicians are in office that promised one thing and then do another, do Americans discover that in Washington, D.C., everything is politics as usual.

    But, by then, it’s too late.

    Consider that in 1994, the year of the Republican Revolution in the monumental mid-term elections during Bill Clinton’s first term as President, the GOP had a platform that was widely composed of hot issues for conservatives. Once in Congress though, the platform known as the “Contract with America” slowly fell to the wayside. Within twelve years, the class of 1994 was unrecognizable — devoid of the conservative ideals that they came to power to champion.

    With 2010 potentially shaping up to be a landslide year for the GOP again, it is more important than ever that the mistakes of ’94 not repeat themselves. This means making sure that politicians that come to Congress on promises of fiscal responsibility actually carry out their stated mission.

    When the GOP gained control of Congress in ’94, they quickly became enchanted with the power that had led to the demise of the Democrats. Instead of being good stewards of taxpayer money, they chose to side with “Bridge to Nowhere” policies. Government growth was unhindered, contrary to their campaign promises that brought them to power.

    In 2008, Obama and the Democrats promised policies of Big Government. While they shaded their agenda with rosy rhetoric promising fixes to everyone’s problems, they have now fallen far short of the expectations that voters held them to. With deficits running amuck and legislation passing that large majorities of Americans oppose, the Democrats seem to be closer than ever to meeting a fate that they themselves determined. Americans have seen Big Government and they do not like it.

    With Republicans poised to make a comeback, now more than ever before voters should hold the politicians’ feet to the fire. The problems the country faces are not in need of bipartisan compromise, rather, the country needs politicians that are willing to make the right decisions. After all, that is what Americans are looking for.

    Efforts such as those of the tea party movement are doing the exact right thing in shining a bright light on what candidates and politicians are saying and doing. But once the campaign season is done, these efforts should be increased, not lessened. The real work of holding politicians accountable comes once they go to Congress more so than when they run for office.

    After all, Obama himself promised a bigger and larger government when he campaigned in 2008. But after Americans have seen what he meant, they are rejecting him and the current Congress outright. Now that the spell Obama cast has worn off, America does not like what it sees.

    And the same thing can happen to the GOP. If they promise reductions to the deficit, they should do so. Not just say so. Americans will reject them faster than it took to gain power if they fail to follow up with success on their promises.

    The difference between the ’94 Republican Revolution and the ’08 Obama election is that Obama told us he would grow government. Republicans learned what happens when you say one thing and do another. Obama and his fellow Democrats are now learning what happens when you go against a majority of Americans.

    If Republicans win in 2010 and fail to do what they were elected for they may face permanent consequences. Politicians will be held to the fire on every decision they face. Americans simply want politicians that listen to the people, not the other way around.

    Adam Bitely is the Editor-in-Chief of NetRightDaily.com.

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