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The Daily Wrap-Up: June 1

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The Daily Wrap-Up according to Adam Bitely:

Good Tuesday Afternoon –

The oil well is still gushing in the Gulf. And Robert Reich argues that BP should be put into temporary receivership. Reich has no idea what he is arguing though. Get the reason why here.

Check out the cartoon of the day, “The Bottom of the Gulf”.

ALG President Bill Wilson argues that the nation needs to follow the “New Jersey Plan”. “Last week, without much ado, Barack Obama’s $23 billion bailout for state education spending was promptly taken off the table by Congressional Democrats, first in the Senate, when Senator Tom Harkin could not muster the votes, and then in the House, when the AP reports that House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey ‘abruptly canceled a committee meeting to put the money in a war spending bill.'” Continue reading.

The New Black Panther Party held its convention over the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. The rhetoric used at this meeting was troubling–to say the least. Will Janet Napolitano and DHS issue an extremism report on this organization? They openly called for the destruction of Obama as well as several ethnic groups. Get the story here.

Damning admissions by White House on Sestak job offer. “First, there was no offer at all, according to the Obama Administration, which denied that Joe Sestak’s charge that he had been offered a “high-ranking” presidential appointment in exchange for withdrawing from the Pennsylvania Senate race. Then, there were some conversations that had taken place, but they weren’t ‘problematic.’ Now, an offer for an appointment was made, but it wasn’t high-ranking, it was only an ‘uncompensated’ position on a Presidential advisory board.” Keep reading.

Washington Times: Sestak offer was no ‘one-off’: “A single job offer for somebody to abandon a Senate race is nefarious enough. But if this has happened twice or more, it starts to show evidence of a mens rea – a “guilty mind,” or a specific intent. Moreover, if the president’s disgraced home-state former governor, Rod Blagojevich, Illinois Democrat, is to be believed, something in the same ballpark may have happened a third time as well.”

The Corner: The Sestak smell test.

The Hill: Ranking member on Judiciary considering options to probe Sestak job offer details

Scared to death of the Estate Tax. “A severe consequence of reinstating the estate tax to its 2001 levels is looking at what the tax encourages. It gives incentive to elderly wealthy Americans to die before January 1, 2011, so their families aren’t indebted to the government. The tax sits completely repealed for this year. Meaning if wealthy family members die before the end of this year, their families will have their entire estate tax free.” Scary.

Richard Cohen – WAPO: Did liberals get it wrong on crime? “The figures are rather startling. From 2008 to 2009, violent crime was down 5.5 percent overall and almost 7 percent in big cities. Some of those cities are as linked with crime as gin is with tonic or as John McCain is with political opportunism. In Detroit, for instance, with the auto industry shedding workers, violent crime was down 2.4 percent. In Washington, D.C., murder was down 23.1 percent, rape 19.4 percent and property crime 6 percent. Stats for political corruption are not available.”

WSJ: The Union Pension Bailout. “Feeling tapped out after stimulus, ObamaCare and everything else? Senator Bob Casey has one more deal for you. If the Pennsylvania Democrat gets his way, U.S. taxpayers will also pick up the astonishing tab for poorly managed union pension plans.”

Al and Tipper Gore split after 40 years of marriage.

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