06.04.2010 0

The MSM-Big Labor revolving door

By Adam Bitely –

More evidence surfaces today explaining the reason why so many MSM outlets have remained mum over the truth of Card Check. The latest to do so is Teddy Davis, the Deputy Political Director at ABC News. Ben Smith reports that Davis will join the SEIU communications and political team.

As Mark Hemingway at the Washington Examiner said:

It’s one thing to be liberal or Democratic, but being down with the SEIU’s political agenda? Anyone who truly understands card check legislation and can defend it as good for the country is pretty out there. In any event, this helps explain why the media is largely uninterested in reporting on the SEIU and how the union’s officers are robbing their members blind.

The Washington Post reported in May of 2009 that at least 1o ex-journalists now work for Obama. The bias is hard to deny.

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