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06.03.2010 0

White House admits job offer to Romanoff

By Adam Bitely –

The White House just released a statement confirming that a job offer was made to Andrew Romanoff:

Andrew Romanoff applied for a position at USAID during the Presidential transition. He filed this application through the Transition on-line process.  After the new administration took office, he followed up by phone with White House personnel.

Jim Messina called and emailed Romanoff last September to see if he was still interested in a position at USAID, or if, as had been reported, he was running for the US Senate.  Months earlier, the President had endorsed Senator Michael Bennet for the Colorado seat, and Messina wanted to determine if it was possible to avoid a costly battle between two supporters.

But Romanoff said that he was committed to the Senate race and no longer interested in working for the Administration, and that ended the discussion. As Mr. Romanoff has stated, there was no offer of a job.


Everything seems very convenient. Sestak was offered an internship. Romanoff applied for a job. Very, very convenient.

They sure took their time getting back to Romanoff on his job application. Only when Romanoff was beginning his face-off against Obama backed Michael Bennet did his resume appear on a desk at the White House…

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