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Got Twitter?

  • On: 08/18/2010 01:26:03
  • In: Conservative Movement
  • Twitter can be used for more than just a play by play of your daily events. As fun as it is to Tweet that you are sitting at home on your couch, #lazy, Twitter has much more to offer.

    If you’ve recently signed up for a Twitter account, not sure what to Tweet about or just want to stay informed, NetRight Daily (NRD) can help you out.

    Netrightdaily.com is a blog affiliated with Americans for Limited Government (ALG) featuring insights on current political news. The website also features a feed of breaking-news, right/libertarian-leaning and political Tweets. Even if you aren’t a Twitter user, this feed is useful to keep you current on daily news and issues as they happen.

    “We felt it was important to have a page where NRD readers could see what their politicians were saying on Twitter,” says NRD Director Adam Bitely. “A lot of folks that read our page don’t use Twitter, and we wanted to make sure that they could see what their elected officials were Tweeting while also showing them that Twitter is more than just celebrities ranting into cyberspace like P. Diddy and Chad Ochocinco.”

    Like Bitely says, NRD’s Twitter page is great way to stay informed. With more and more politicians and media outlets joining this social media channel, it is an easy and fun way to stay current on issues and follow the politicians who most interest you.

    For useful and up-to-date information, visit NetRight Daily’s Twitter feed page. Don’t forget to follow @NetRightDaily.

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